The Most Mysterious Military Facilities in the United States

The US government has plenty of secrets. Sometimes these secrets leak to the public, a little bit at a time. From such fragmented information, develop. These strange US  facilities are like lightning rods for conspiracies. Unmarked helicopters patrol the skies, cameras film everything, and guests are kept under the closest scrutiny. Visitors can be sure they will only see what base personnel want them to see.

Raven Rock Mountain Complex

Also known as Site R, Raven Rock Mountain Complex is an underground bunker designed to be the US Command center in the event of WWIII, as a backup for the Pentagon. Located near Blue Ridge Summit, PA, the facility is built into a mountain, and designed to withstand a nuclear blast. It is entirely self-sufficient, with two power plants, multiple underground water reservoirs, and a sophisticated ventilation system. It can operate for 30 days with no access to the outside world, and can accommodate 3,000 .

Fort Meade NSA Headquarters

Fort Meade, MD, is the headquarters of the mysterious National Security Agency (NSA). Nicknamed the No Such Agency, the NSA is tasked with surveillance and code breaking. The organization answers to the Director of National Intelligence, and is so secretive even their budget is classified. The NSA began as a radio interception and code breaking agency in the first and second World Wars, and in the 21st century monitors massive amounts of information being transmitted over the daily. In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked a series of documents proving the NSA spies on American citizens.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

Located in Alaska, HAARP has generated international criticism. Officially, HAARP is a research facility designed for studying the ionosphere. It was shut down in 2014, amid substantial controversy. Some conspiracy theorists believe it was a weapon designed to control the weather. Former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez claimed HAARP (or a program like it) caused the catastrophic Haiti earthquake in 2010. Some also claim it can generate force field-like plasma barriers, and disrupt communications.

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Mount Weather

Mount Weather is a top secret site that serves as the backup site for the National Operations Center, run by the Department of Homeland Security. During the September 11, 2001 attacks, Vice President Cheney was transported to Mount Weather. The subterranean facility has been operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) since 1979, but has been in service for much longer than that. It was first revealed to the public in 1974, when an airplane crashed nearby. Reporters covering the crash were prevented from getting close to the facility.

Harvey Point

Harvey Point Defense Testing facility, a mysterious CIA outpost in North Carolina, is where Navy SEALs trained before their mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. Satellite images were captured showing a mock up of the Bin Laden facility on the base. Besides these images, very little is known about the facility. The base was created in 1961 as a secret testing facility and continues to operate to this day.

Harold E. Holt Naval Communications Station

Located in Northwest Australia, this base coordinates radio signals for the entire southeastern hemisphere. In 2008, radio signals from the base were suspected to have induced a glitch in a passenger airliner, causing the plane to drop 650 feet in a matter of seconds, but nothing conclusive was ever found. Opened in 1967, the facility uses Very Low Frequency radio signals to communicate with maritime vessels, including submarines, at great distances.