The Most Creative and Topical Halloween Costumes

The most important question of 2016 is obviously, “What are you going to be for ?” Are you going to take advantage of these 2016 ideas or are you going to lazily go as yourself yet again? Are you going to put some effort into your life for once? 2016 Halloween costumes are going to be dominated by the grab bag of Internet pop culture.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to dress up as something that everyone will immediately connect to, or if your 2016 timely Halloween costumes are going to make everyone squint their eyes before finally admitting that they don’t get it. If you need some topical 2016 costume ideas, then you’re in luck.

The hard thing about creating a topical is that you can’t just pick a YouTube video and tell everyone that you’re YouTube for Halloween (or whatever your terrible idea was), you have to dress up as something that people understand. Your topical Halloween costumes of 2016 have to elicit a broader response than, “At least you dressed up.”



A Pokestop

The Mexican Wall

Primitive Spongebob

Ken Bone


Hodor Holding a Door

Chewbacca Mom


Retired Bernie Sanders