The New Netflix Horror Film ‘Bird Box’ Isn’t Bad – But The Memes Are Even Better

 Bird Box took the internet by storm when Netflix released the original horror film in December 2018. It even garnered Stephen King’s seal of approval, despite its lack of Rotten Tomatoes clout. But what really stole the show were the memes the story spawned. These hilarious Bird Box memes riff on the fact that the protagonist in the film – played by Sandra Bullock – wears a blindfold while attempting to escape mysterious, suicide-inducing forces with her children, as the key to survival is to never open your eyes so that you never see the monsters at work. The image of Bullock in a blindfold – and in many frames, rowing a boat – is now instantly recognizable. Basically, millennials do things blind because circumstances dictate it.

2018, In Horror

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