The Top 21 Hipster Memes

Dark-rimmed glasses. American Apparel skinny jeans. A superfluous scarf. A continuous penchant for disliking anything that is not obscure. That’s just the “starter kit” for becoming a true hipster. It also paves the way for us to make tun of them through these funny hipster memes that don’t pull any punches. Because pulling punches is way too mainstream. And if you haven’t seen any of these memes yet, it’s because they’re too underground. So in true hipster fashion, be the first to check them out before everybody else does. And don’t forget to let them know that too.

Know the difference

That’ll do it

Describe my food? You must be kidding.

Ahead in the hipster game

Don’t believe it. Give me the red pill.

Wonder what his Starbucks name is

The ultimate hipster in 1955

You’ve probably never heard of uruks either, right?

Wait till you see his beard and flannel shirt

Spoken like a true hipster

Oh snap!

Sleeping used to be cool

She just wants to be a part of hipsters’ world

It’s called incest. You’ve probably never heard of it.

That’s the only way to go