The Very Best of the 2/10 Would Not Bang Meme

This list of the best 2/10 Would Not Bang meme includes all manners of degradation inflicted upon perfectly nice people who decided to take sexy photos. The point of the meme is to look for every possible (or perceived) imperfection in what is meant to be a sexy pic and use them against the person in the photo in a blatantly ironic way. The hotter you are, the lower you score in the 2/10 meme. On the other side of the equation, the grosser you look in a picture, the higher the bang score you’re likely to receive (see the last few pictures on this round-up).

There’s pretty much no one on the planet that’s free from scrutiny in the 2/10 meme. Angelina Jolie gets taken down a peg for her big lips (which most would find amenable for other “benefits” they could provide), Emma Watson is cited for fat bulges in her legs (yes, the same adorable pixie that plays Hermione Granger), and even Miss Peru gets the verbal smack down for having hoops that are too big (“the bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho”).

There is no shortage of trash talking in this meme (which appears on the list of The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2012 and is possibly one of the best memes) so be ready to feel shamed by the amount of laughing you do at these otherwise perfectly hot people. Just one hot girl meme, it’s sure to make you laugh.