The Weirdest Photos of Pokemon Superfans

The Internet obsession with  is something that will never die. is forever. is life. Every few years or so a new release is unleashed on the world and a bunch of superfans come out from their hiding places.These are funny pictures of superfans, living their best lives and catching them all. They didn’t choose the Poke life. The Poke life chose them. No one should judge that. That’s just the universe at work. So take a break from playing  on your phone, or playing whatever other Pokemon game you’re playing, and look at these weird Pokemon fan pictures. 

Pokémon Glamour

Take It Back


Congratulations, It’s a Poké Ball

Gotta Collect’em All

A Man with Priorities

How to Be a Virgin

The Chosen One

When the Cards Are Stacked Against You

Up in the Tub

Not Bringing Sexy Back

Horsing Around

The Mask of a Thousand Nightmares

Pikachu Is My Co-pilot

If the Suit Fits…

Turn it Off

Bro, Do You Even Pokémon?

Prom Com

Virgin Territory

Kiss of Death

You Will Never Be This Gangster

Ladies Please… One at a Time

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Wanna Play?

Birds of a Feather

Poke Me