The Weirdest Things Hidden In Whereā€™s Waldo Images

Waldo might be the celebrity of these books, but these ridiculously strange guests deserve their time in the spotlight.

A Topless Lady At The Beach

A Human Sacrifice

This Leopard About To Mount This Man

People Getting Tortured In A Museum

A Man Just Trying To Change

This ā€˜Little Shop Of Horrorsā€™ Scene

A Human Zoo With Animal Visitors

This Couple

A Drag Appearance

A Group Of Topless Mermaids

A Manā€™s Bicep Exploding

A Drunk Cowboy

Executioners Having A Good Time

Lions Using A Urinal

Sliding Down Pyramids

A Cat Couple

Vikings At Play

Just A Tight Roundup Of A Jellyfish, A Sea Lion, And A Sailorā€™s Compass

A Fantasy Float

An Intergalactic Opium Den