Theories And Predictions About Arya’s Future

How is the Arya Stark future shaping up? Well, it looks like she’s changed her mind about being No One and is definitely back to declaring herself Arya Stark while pressing Needle into Jaqen H’ghar’s chest. Does a girl have no plot? Or was Arya’s time at the House of Black White well spent? It certainly seems so. She can fight blind, survive an assassination, upped her killing skills, and knows her poisons. The Starks could use a stone-cold killer about now.

Let’s look at one of the prominent Arya theories that has been floated out there. Even though it appears that Arya did in fact kill another person called the Waif, some theorists are still hanging onto the notion that Arya had to either kill a part of herelf or die to herself to fulfill her fate in Braavos. Maybe part of that dying involved stabbing herself? Okay. Lady Crane didn’t attend to fake wounds.

Did a piece of Arya actually die? As part of the process of becoming No One and then Someone, it’s plausible. She’s learned how to outwit the Waif and even Jaqen himself. Chances are, Jaqen  was hoping Arya would make the choice she did. Her certainly gives us a hint with that little smile after Arya declares herself as Arya Stark and that’s she’s going home.

An Arya Stark future puts a former disciple of the Many-Faced God directly in the midst of other characters and their goals. Arya Stark of Winterfell is probably going to derail a lot of plots and schemes before the tale is told.

Was Arya the Waif?

A very popular fan theory could be true if you’re into the idea of Arya stabbing herself as part of the Faceless Men training program.

The idea of the battle with the Waif is that this whole exercise has been a war within herself, Tyler Durden-style. Just as she’s about to kill the Waif, she realizes that she, Arya, is the Waif. Ladies and gentlemen, we have just lost cabin pressure.

Getting Stabbed Was Just a Test by the Faceless Men

It doesn’t make sense to have Jaqen H’ghar put himself in Arya’s path so many times and not have her end up with a connection to the Faceless Men. She came all this way to learn her poisons, stick fight, and disobey orders? Not likely. She’s a huge player in future events, and the Faceless Men have been waiting for her.

Also, can we talk about the glee on the Waif/Old Lady’s face when she Red Weddinged Arya? 

We’ve Seen That Old Lady Face Before

Several times. Also, the faces in the hall look like a progression between Arya’s face and the old woman’s. What does that mean?
Arya knew what was coming. She made herself a target by tossing money around and walking around in plain view. After the “attack,” she’s bleeding openly in the street, making a literal trail for the Waif/herself/Jaqen to follow.

She Bled All the Way to Lady Crane’s Door
After all, the actress owed Arya one. Arya gave her acting tips and then saved her life. Arya recovered with the help of Lady Crane who was used to stabbing her men full of holes and then patching them up. Also, Arya learned some Stanislavki method acting for her future assassin work. Like how to die. RIP, Lady Crane. We hope you can order take-out in heaven. 
Will Arya Will Hitch a Ride with Yara?

Will Arya head for Meereen instead of Westeros?

Is it time to introduce a Stark to Daenerys? Dany has dragons, the Unsullied, the Dothrakis, the Second Sons, a Tyrion, a Varys, a Missandei, a Grey Worm, a Daario, eventually a Ser Jorah, but she doesn’t have a Stark. One that may arrive aboard one of Yara’s many ships.

Is Arya the Ultimate Kingmaker or Queenmaker?

Maybe the ultimate goal of the Faceless Man is to reshape the rule of men. And maybe Arya that will make that happen, ruling as the Many-Faced Queen or paving the way for the rightful ruler. It’s a long shot—and probably what GRRM would call “amusing bulls*t.”

She’ll Kill Ramsay
She’ll be the surprise twist in Ramsay’s fate. Let it be brutal. Let Sansa help. Season seven? 
She’ll Go to Westeros with the Hound for Cleganebowl

We need this buddy cop movie to happen. After the Hound gave peace a chance for a minute, he’s definitely going to hack his way through some Red God followers all the way back to King’s Landing. Or he’ll drink the red kool-aid and still find his way back to Gregor.

Arya will meet up with her old frenemy and they’ll work out a deal on how to get close to the Mountain.

Arya Will Lead the Faceless Men
It may take a while. But she’ll end up back at the House of Black and White, being cryptic, and running stuff. Maybe?
Arya and Melisandre Have Unfinished Business
Ranker Videov
These two have crossed paths before. Back in season three, Arya and Melisandre have an exchange where the red priestess says, “I see darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever. We will meet again.” This could mean two things. Arya needs to be where Melisandre is. And, Arya definitely becomes a true Faceless Man underneath her Starkness.
Sophie Turner and Maisie William May Have Given Us Hints about Arya

As well as other things. A game of Two Truths and a Lie on the red carpet at the season six premiere offered up zilch when asked of other cast members. But the two on-screen sisters, might have dropped a couple of bombs. One theory is that one of the truths is that Arya checks three names off her list; Cersei, the Mountain, and Walder Frey. the rest of it makes our head spin. What does it all mean?! You teases!

Sophie Turner’s answers:
“Ramsay dies.”
“Lady Stoneheart returns.”
“Arya checks three people off her list.”

Maisie Williams’s Answers:
“Arya goes to Westeros, back over the sea.”
“Arya is in the trailer more times than people have realized, because they don’t realize it’s her.”
“Arya doesn’t cross any more names off her list.”

Arya Will Have to Kill Another Main Character
Theories have run the gamut from her own brother Jon to Daenerys. Will Arya come all the way through only to break our hearts by killing someone we were rooting for? Or will she be the one who takes out the Mad Queen?
Arya Will Be Bran’s Emissary
He’ll connect to his sister through his greensight, she’ll carry out his wishes. Maybe as an assassin, maybe as an ambassador. Little of both. 
Arya Will Kill Jaqen… Eventually
Remember that time she gave Jaqen his own name as part of the three deaths she owed the Many-Faced God? Their paths may cross again and this time, Arya will finish off her mentor. 
She’ll Take Jaqen’s Face

In some kind of Faceless Man twist, she’s going to take Jaqen’s default face and use it against the Many-Faced God’s followers. Or for some other purpose. Like showing up as Jaqen at Oldtown. Anyone/

Arya Is a Sleeper Agent for the Faceless Men
She think she’s going away, but they have a hold on her. They’re sending a living time bomb in the midst of King’s Landing (or wherever Arya ends up). Their motivation? To answer the pleas of people and other beings everywhere. To end the suffering. All men must die. Arya will help accomplish that goal.
Gendry is Azor Ahai and Arya is Nissa Nissa
This is a oldy but goody. Gendry is a blacksmith. He reforges Brienne’s Oathkeeper (a second sword from Ice), and Gendry will somehow run it through Arya’s heart (literally or figuratively) as per the prophecy of Azor Ahai, forging it into the reborn Lightbringer. Or Gendry will give it to Jon, who may or may not be Azor Ahai. They both have a special bond with Arya. It’s a tinfoil long shot, but it could happen. 
Syrio! Is That’s You, Old Pal?!
Sometimes the eyes play tricks on a girl when she’s picking apart photos and previews. But sometimes a girl spots Syrio Forel. Is that him behind the Waif come to help Arya make her way out of Braavos? Nah.