These Are The Most Genius Redneck Inventions

Why spend money to replace or fix things the expensive way when you have these genius redneck inventions? Thanks in large part to the , people around the world are finding out all of the many wonderful uses for duct tape and pool noodles. Here are 25 of the best redneck inventions of 2019.

Think of these hillbilly life hacks as modern day MacGyver inventions. No air conditioner in your car? No problem. Worried the next hurricane that comes through town will uproot your home? You shouldn’t be. Getting tired of holding your fishing pole? There’s a fix for that too.

Check out all of the incredible contraptions in the list below. And just for liability purposes, please don’t try too many of these hacks at home; they’re not exactly safe.

Ice Cold Gun Safe Concealer

Who Needs A Fancy Rearview Camera?

MacGyver’s Phone Charger

For Those Really Clogged Toilets

The Not-So-Semi-Truck

Luxury Swinging Vehicle

Redneck Hurricane Prep

Pool Noodles For Windshield Wipers

AC On The Go

Recycled Water Bottle Irrigation System

The First Family-Friendly Solo Cup

Don’t Let This Door Hit Ya

The Prosthetic Fishing Leg

How To Put Junk In Your Trunk

Waiting On Tesla Parts

RV And Shed Combined, Ultimate Hack

Always Use Your Blinker

Hillbilly Bandwidth Gauge

This Is Why AAA Is A Thing

Duct Tape Key Fob

Safety’s Not First With This John Deere Aerial Lift

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