These People Figured Out Genius Hacks To Protect Their Christmas Trees From Pets

It’s beginning to feel a lot like . In other words, your pets are probably wreaking havoc in your home. Whether it’s your cat, who’s adamant about being the star at the top of the tree, or your , who insists on eating the low-hanging ornaments, pets and Christmas pines just don’t get along. Would it even be the holidays if you didn’t watch your favorite family heirlooms careening from the branches of the tallest tree you could find at Home Depot?
Most of us accept that the cost of doing business will amount to more than a few broken ornaments and a potential trip to the pet ER after your pup ingests too many pine needles. We shake it off because animals in are super cute, albeit wildly annoying from a practical standpoint (how do they manage to consistently knock everything over?). This year, though, people around the Internet are taking a stand.
These genius innovators discovered the perfect ways to protect their trees. Their will make sure that your Christmas is kitty-proof.

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