These Pregnant Transgender Men Are Challenging The Ways People View Gender And Pregnancy

The increased visibility of transgender people challenges many to consider the specific qualities and issues unique to the trans community. For example, the subject of transgender people and pregnancy confronts long-held beliefs about who can biologically give birth to a child. In a society where transfolk gain more and more acceptance, the stories and images of pregnant transgender men continue to also gain more visibility and celebration as they should. Today, everyday trans people help to provide visibility to trans lifestyles through the Internet and social media. By documenting their lives the same way cisgendered people document theirs, pregnant transgender men simply show the world their lives, though different, are just as loving and mundane as everyone else’s.

While trans people existed throughout much of history, it still took society a long time to reach the level of trans awareness that exists today. Though the presence of transgendered celebrities in the media is a start, more needs to happen in regards to educating the masses about trans lifestyles. Trans people sharing and celebrating pictures of themselves and their families is one way to learn about pregnant trans men. When you see their lives through the same mediums with which you document yours, you realize they’re living the human experience just like you.