These Truly Unfortunate Ad Placements Will Make You Wonder If Someone Did These On Purpose

The creative and crazy world of advertising requires you as a marketer to remain constantly vigilant of potential ad fails. But because people lack both attention to detail and sense of awareness, advertising fails slip between the cracks so often that an entire other list of funny ad placements exists on top of this one. It’s as if the marketing agencies of the world want to break into observational humor and sought to try out their material on the unsuspecting public. While that sounds like a swell idea in theory, it won’t necessarily help you sell anything, especially if the public thinks your sense of self-awareness resembles that of a person wearing crocs with socks.

The design fails below reveal a world of advertising you never knew existed, and probably never expected to for that matter. For all the hoopla advertisers put people through to sell them worthless crap, it makes little sense these poorly conceived ads ever made it past the drawing room. But then again, the notion that you need to buy any of said worthless crap is perhaps the biggest joke of all.