13 Things You Didn’t Know About Fireball Whisky

Tastes like heaven, burns like hell. Fireball Whisky’s motto is a perfect fit. It even burns on the way back up if you try to break the world record of Fireball shots (4,750 amongst a group, BTW) or just have a lot on an empty stomach. The fiery cinnamon whisky has blasted its way from the ice-fishing holes of Canada to red-blooded Americans faster than you can slur the lyrics of the Canadian national anthem or Blake Shelton’s “Buzzin.” This list is full of Fireball facts.

How is Fireball made, you ask? Do they collect the tears of a cinnamon dragon and distill them into a delicious whisky? Probably. We’re not scientists. But we do know the answer to “Where is Fireball made?” It originated in Canada but is now owned by an American company. So it’s sweet like Canada and burny like America. It’s aged in bourbon barrels and freezes at -12 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why the guys on Deadliest Catch and other people who work and play in super cold climates love it.

Oh, and why does Fireball spell whisky without the “E”? Because Canadians spell it that way, doncha know? By the way, the Scots spell it “whisky” and the Irish spell it “whiskey” due to translations from the respective Scottish and Irish Gaelic. If you think you know all about Fireball Whisky or want to learn more about the delicious cinnamon adult beverage, this list is definitely for you. Cheers!

It’s a Huge Money-Maker for Bars
You can pick up a bottle for around $20, but bars charge anywhere from $5-18 a shot.
Fireball Whisky Is Kosher(ish)

Well, according to the official website anyway – but only sort of.

“Let’s just say this: Fireball’s ingredients and production process naturally fit within kosher guidelines and has been certified for sale in Israel. But let’s also say this: Our product hasn’t been officially certified as kosher in the U.S. So, basically we can’t officially say anything about its kosher status on this side of the pond,” the website reads.

Its Original Name Was ‘Dr. McGillicuddy’s Fireball Cinnamon Whisky’

But who can remember that after a few shots? The Canadian whisky was part of Seagram’s line of flavored schnapps in the ‘80s (they later sold the line to The Sazerac Company, based in New Orleans).

Seagram’s big marketing tool was Aloysius Percival McGillicuddy, a fictional physician with a handlebar mustache who lived in the 19th century, when prescribing delicious sweet whisky wasn’t cause for malpractice. He also went by his old-timey bro name The Shot Doctor. After rebranding as Fireball in 2006, it became popular with American college students and spread like a delicious alcoholic wildfire.

Finland and Sweden Temporarily Recalled Fireball in 2014

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined that the amounts of propylene glycol (a chemical with a wide range of uses) in Fireball were “generally recognized as safe” when used in foods and beverages “at levels not to exceed current good manufacturing practice.”

The Sazerac Company issued a statement saying, “Fireball Cinnamon Whisky assures its consumers the product is perfectly safe to . There is no recall in North America. Fireball fans can enjoy their favorite product as they always have.” And they did. The temporary recall in Finland and Sweden had no effect on American sales.

Florida Georgia Line Broke the World Record for Most Fireball Shots
The Greenhouse Bar in Nashville served 4,750 shots on St. Patrick’s Day in 2012 in an attempt to set the world record for most Fireball shots consumed at once. It took a week to pour all of the shots. Florida Georgia Line broke that record in 2014 at a live concert in Oshkosh, Wisconsin when the nearly 40,000-member crowd took a group shot. The record-setting events were both sponsored by Fireball, of course. 
Nashville Is a Whiskey Star Maker

Not only is Nashville a music industry Mecca, it’s also where emerging whisky brands get their start. Just ask Pappy Van Winkle, also owned by The Sazerac Company. Super-young-at-the-time Sazerac rep Richard Pomes went to Nashville to spread the word about Fireball and it caught on.

Pomes then took Fireball to college towns (as the big brands do) where students bathed in it, probably, and declared Jägermeister as dead as a gold-flecked doorknob. Fireball sales jumped from $1.9 million in 2011 to $61 million in 2013. In 2015, sales hit $130 million.

There Are Fireball Whisky Girls
Food and beverage companies know that sexy young ladies (and sometimes dudes) handing out samples and converting the masses by having a good time really works. Fireball is no different. Although the company officially calls them “Fireball Promo Reps,” “Fireball Whisky Girls” rolls right off the tongue. You can inquire about the job here
Jägermeister Introduced a Cinnamon and Vanilla Liqueur to Compete with Fireball
Shots fired… and poured! Jäger said “nein” to the notion that it was dead to college students after the Fireball craze and came up with a competitor called Jägermeister Spice. It has a “warmer taste” and the company suggests it be taken as a shot at room temperature. Many others have also piled onto the cinnamon whisky wagon. Jose Cuervo has Cringe, a cinnamon tequila, and Jack Daniel’s fired back with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire – it’s 70 proof.
There’s a Fireball Whisky Card Game for Your Phone
What better way to drink lots of Fireball and liven up the party than a card game you can play on your phone? Dragons, Dice & Dares is free in the iTunes app store.
There Are Tons of Fireball Whisky Drink Recipes

Here are just a couple from the Fireball website, with new ones being invented every day:  

Angry Balls – 1 shot Fireball, 1 pint Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider.

Bad Apple – 1 part Fireball, 1 part dark spiced rum, 3 parts Reed’s Spiced Apple Brew Dash of Bitters. Fill rocks glass almost half way with ice, pour in jiggers of Fireball and rum, fill glass with spiced apple soda and top with bitters, stir gently.

You Can Make Fireball Tea
You can make a Fireball Whisky Chai tea latte because it’s a free country and you deserve the best. Recipe:

1 part Fireball Whisky
2 parts chai tea mix
2 parts milk

Heat up the milk (you can use soy or almond milk) and mix in the chai mix, then add the Fireball last. You can just slip your Fireball flask out of your purse or back pocket and splash some in your tea.

Someone Made a Fireball Cake
If you love Fireball Whisky, you’re going to love this cake made by Ronnie’s Cakes. Mmm, liquor and sugar!