Things That Happen In High School Teen Dramas That Never Happen In Real Life

Cheerleading squads, love triangles turned octagons, 30-year-old actors sporting backpacks: who doesn’t love unrealistic high school TV shows? High school can be a pretty dramatic place in real life, but the writers of these teen shows have taken some (absurd) liberties for the sake of entertainment. 

When it comes to unrealistic teen dramas set in high school, you have plenty of binge-worthy options to choose from. Want over-the-top depictions of massive, booze-drenched parties? Try The O.C. Do you love the catty remarks of HBICs? Put on an episode of Riverdale, where the razor-sharp banter is actually the most relatable aspect of the whole thing. And then there are the bizarre takes on school itself. Did anyone actually have constant free periods like the kids do on 13 Reasons Why?  

While the hallways and lockers might have you feeling nostalgic for your own alma mater, some of the plotlines will make you laugh, because they’re the least high school things on TV. From the cheesy to the weird, these tropes can be found in classic teen sitcoms and dramas as well as shows on the air today. Read on for the least realistic things in high school dramas. 

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