The Things You Wish You Were Better At

If you’re looking for ways to improve yourself, you can start by looking at the relationships in your life. Do you have positive relationships with your family and your coworkers? Do you have long-lasting friendships or are you consistently having “falling outs” with people you’re close with? Relationships are great indicators of where you stand emotionally and mentally – maybe you need to learn how to cope with your stress in a healthier manner or maybe you need to learn how to communicate better?

Reflecting on your psychological well-being is a healthy and crucial way to gain perspective and create goals in your life. But not all areas of self-improvement have to involve deep-rooted emotional issues. Are you neglecting your hobbies to watch TV? Have you been avoiding the gym because you’re tired after work? Many of the areas that could use improvement in our lives are based simply on desires and goals we’ve yet to accomplish.

What are things you wish you were better at? If you don’t see them listed here, join the conversation and add the things you strive towards getting better at. Vote up the things you wish you were better at and feel free to rerank this list based on your own personal experiences!

Refraining from Unhealthy Habits
Coping with Anxiety
Coping with Stress
Not Procrastinating
Maintaining a Workout Regimen
Not Overanalyzing Little Things
Maintaining Healthy Relationships
Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin
Standing Up for Yourself
Communicating Your Feelings