Mr. Skin’s Top 25 Nude Scenes Of All Time

Mr. Skin is your one stop shop for all your mainstream movie nudity needs. Have you ever seen an actress and wondered, “Has she been naked in something”? If you go to Mr. Skin, you will find your answer. 

Mr. Skin has even put together their Top 100 Nudes Scenes of All Time. This features every great naked scene ever made. This list here is the top 25 of that. It includes such memorably titillating movies as “Gia” with Angelina Jolie, “Havoc” with Anne Hathaway and “Swordfish” with Halle Berry.

 So go ahead and take a look at the Top 25 of All Time.

(0:51) In Judge Reinhold’s masturbation fantasy, Phoebe rises from a backyard pool in a red bikini, approaches him in slow motion, and pops off her top to reveal her breasts.

This is the celebrity nude scene to which all other celebrity nude scenes must answer.

The power of this moment comes from a young star at her most beautiful, a sexy slow-motion build-up, and the relatable circumstance of a teenage crush on your sister’s hot friend.

After Fast Times, Phoebe Cates never did a topless scene again. Her work was done!

(0:27) After a nude snooze, Angelina (playing real-life model Gia Carangi) bares boobs and butt walking down the hallway trying to stop lesbian lover Elizabeth Mitchell from leaving.
Angelina was a relative unknown prior to Gia. This movie made her the most famous woman in the world. Just like Gia Carangi, Angelina is openly bisexual in real life.

The other woman here is Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliet on Lost.

? See the full scene at Mr Skin?)

(0:27) While being interrogated by police, Sharon uncrosses and crosses her legs, revealing—via a shocking shot of her vagina—that she is not wearing underpants.
This is the most intimately explicit nude scene ever performed by an A-list star.

Sharon proves she’s a natural blonde.

Sharon claims she was “tricked” into doing this scene. Even so, she doesn’t regret it.

(1:08) Jessica dances on stage at a strip club. She exposes her breasts, then drips candle wax all over her naked body.
Jessica initially reached stardom on the wholesome TV series 7th Heaven.

The nude scene in Powder Blue was heavily hyped prior to the movie’s release—and then Jessica lived up to the buzz.

Unlike Jessica Alba in Sin City (2005) and Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me (2007), Jessica plays a stripper who actually strips!

(0:14) We enjoy a long look at Marisa topless walking around her bedroom, talking to Ethan Hawke after sex.
Marisa stunned the world by winning an Academy Award for My Cousin Vinny (1992).

Of Marisa’s four nude scenes in Devil, this is the longest look at her incredible, 42-year-old body.

Marisa followed up by famously going nude again in The Wrestler (2008).

(See the full scene at Mr Skin.)

(0:59) Teenage Kelly strips full-frontally naked in her bedroom for Doug McKeon.
Kelly is best known today as the long-time wife of John Travolta.

Mischief is set in 1956. Many 1980s teen sex comedies followed a nostalgia trend (Porky’s, Losin’ It, Screwballs).

Doug McKeon, the guy here with Kelly, was the kid in On Golden Pond (1981).

(0:38) Halle is sunbathing and reading a magazine. Hugh Jackman approaches. She drops the magazine and we see her breasts.
Famously, Halle earned $500,000 to go topless here.

Halle’s other great naked moment is her sex scene in Monster’s Ball (2001).

Swordfish beats Ball as Halle’s hottest work because we get a clearer, longer look at her nude body.

(1:22) Eva is seen topless, wearing long black gloves, posing like the Venus de Milo come beautifully to life.
The Dreamers landed Eva the role of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale (2006).

Selecting just one Dreamers scene is a challenge; Eva appears naked 10 times.

Legendary filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci—who created the landmark Last Tango in Paris (1972)—directed The Dreamers.

(0:50) Alyssa poses topless for photographer Charlotte Lewis. The snapping session evolves into a heated girl-girl makeout.
Alyssa became a star as Samantha Micelli, Tony Danza’s daughter on Who’s the Boss?

Embrace of the Vampire forever changed Alyssa’s good-girl image—for the better!

Having proven her supernatural sexiness, Alyssa went on to star as a hot witch on the TV series Charmed.

(0:36) Anne crawls seductively on a couch while her boyfriend videotapes her. We see butt crack over the top of her pants. She then takes off her top to reveal her breasts

As a teen, Anne hit it big in Disney’s G-rated Princess Diaries movies.Since debuting nude, Anne starred in Brokeback Mountain (2005), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), and Get Smart (2008). Anne scored a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for Rachel Getting Married (2008).

(1:35) Standing in a swamp with Greg Kinnear, Katie unwraps her top and gifts us with her potently perky C-cups. Kinnear obviously doesn’t know how to accept such generous presents, so he immediately strangles her to death.
Katie was at the height of her fame as Joey Potter on the TV drama Dawson’s Creek when she granted us access to her Dawson’s Peaks. The Gift is Katie’s only nude scene to date and, given her marriage to the slightly image-conscious Tom Cruise, it will likely be her last—so long as that couple remains so happy.

The Evil Dead, director Sam Raimi’s 1981 debut, oozes nakedness and freaky sex, but The Gift is his lone effort since then to feature even one real nude scene.

(0:59) Jamie, as a hooker with a heart of gold, removes her shirt to reveal her bountiful treasure chest in a mirror while Dan Aykroyd looks on, speechless.
After Halloween (1978), The Fog (1980), Prom Night (1980), and Terror Train(1980), Jamie Lee feared being typecast. Trading Places showed her range—by the cupful.

Jamie Lee’s other 1983 effort, Love Letters, is another must for skin fans. She herself once guessed that her topless time accounts for “75 percent” of the romantic drama.

Trading Places director John Landis previously contributed to our Top 100 at #73, with Mary Louise Weller’s open-window display in Animal House(1978).

(0:44) Shannon steps into a bedroom that’s equipped with a spy camera, unaware that dudes from school are watching her online. She removes her shirt, massages her knockers, then diddles herself to a porn mag.
American Pie revived the classic ’80s-style teen sex comedy.

Raunchy, rack-packed, R-rated campus farces that followed in Pie’s wake include Varsity Blues (1999), Road Trip (2000), Sorority Boys (2002), and Van Wilder (2002).

Pie also spawned two theatrical sequels—American Pie 2 (2001) andAmerican Wedding (2003)—plus three direct-to-DVD follow-ups: American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005), American Pie Presents The Naked Mile(2006), and American Pie Presents Beta House (2007). All feature great nudity.

(1:02) After gym period, Kaki and her female classmates hit the showers for a fully nude scrub session while three heroically horny heroes from the boys’ basketball team spy on them through holes in the wall.
In this one moment alone, Porky’s achieves cinema’s greatest peep scene, as well as its greatest group shower.

Porky’s takes place in the 1950s, which explains the naturally hairy pubic hairstyles, which prompt one peeper to proclaim: “I’ve never seen so much wool. You could knit a sweater!”

Made on the cheap, Porky’s blockbuster success ignited the 1980s’ teen-sex-comedy revolution, which also brought us Zapped! (1982), Joysticks (1983),Screwballs (1983), Valley Girl (1983), Fraternity Vacation (1985), et al.

(0:13) Embodying the ultimate teen temptress, Jaime steps to the edge of a bathtub and drops her robe to reveal her perfectly round, exquisitely sculpted ass. When she eases into the water, we see her big, buoyant boobies to boot.
Prior to making Poison at 19, Jaime was a champion gymnast and jet-setting fashion model. “I worked my ass off for this body,” she declared, “and I enjoy it!”

HBO promoted Poison Ivy 3 with a barrage of shock ads highlighting Jaime in a thong. As a result, the movie premiered to record ratings on May 20, 1997.

Other Poison Ivy installments specialize in grown-up child stars going nude:Drew Barrymore in the 1992 original, Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy 2: Lily(1996), and Miriam McDonald in Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society (2008)

(1:05) After oiling up and working over Mimi’s bare butt, master masseur Bryan Brown applies history’s luckiest hands to her mammoth, mouth-watering breasts, kneading their hugeness, tweaking her nipples, and making the whole world jealous forever.
Volcanically voluptuous Mimi bared boobs in The Rapture (1991) and Bulletproof Heart (1994), but her full body exposure in Full Body Massage came as a stunning surprise.

Full Body Massage premiered on Showtime on November 5, 1995—a date that will live in skinfamy!

Director Nicolas Roeg also helmed Walkabout (1971), which features a constantly naked Jenny Agutter, and Castaway (1987), where Amanda Donohoe also gets nude non-stop.

(0:26) Stark naked Elizabeth struts off to a strip-club lap-dance room with Gina Gershon and Kyle MacLachlan. Elizabeth then growls, grunts, and power-grinds atop Kyle’s pants while Gina watches to an explosively sticky climax.
This is the greatest lap dance of all time—and not just in the movies. This is the greatest lap dance anywhere, ever, period. And Showgirls is Mr Skin’s favorite movie ever too.

Pre-Showgirls, Elizabeth starred as Jessie Spano on TV’s Saved by the Bell. Then she took lessons from real strippers, dyed her pubes blonde, and forever after changed her image.

Elizabeth earned just $100,000 for Showgirls. On video, the movie has generated in excess of $100 million. When she asked for $2,500 to do an interview for a special edition DVD, the studio declined.

(0:25) Sex on wheels! As ’70s-era porn star Rollergirl, Heather leaps out of her dress in one fell swoop, revealing her two swell scoops and naturally blonde pubic mound—while making sure to leave her skates on.
Before Boogie Nights, Heather’s most notable role was opposite Coreys Feldman and Haim in License to Drive (1988). Baring all made her an immediate superstar.

To promote Boogie Nights, Heather appeared nude on a fold out Vanity Faircover, painted gold from head to toe—or, actually, from head to trademark roller-skates.

Aside from Heather, Julianne Moore appears memorably nude in Boogie Nights, as do real-life porn stars Skye Blue, Summer Cummings, and Nina Hartley.

(0:38) Dynamic and delicious, Pam primes a horny hopeful by peeling off her orange jumpsuit and puka-shell necklace to reveal her high-rise rump and gigantic, gravity-mocking bosom.
As the Queen of Blaxploitation, Pam starred in one classic after another. Among them: Black Mama, White Mama (1972), Hit Man (1972), Friday Foster (1975), Bucktown (1975), and Sheba, Baby (1975).

Coffy is not only Pam’s best nudity, it’s her best-loved and one of her great collaborations with director Jack Hill. The others: The Big Doll House(1971), The Big Bird Cage (1972), and Foxy Brown (1974).

In The Arena (1973), Pam is a gladiator in ancient Rome. In Drum (1976), she’s a slave in the Old South. No wonder this timeless knockout has been dubbed “The Baddest Blacktress That Ever Was!”

(1:27) Jennifer Connelly and Debra Cole skinny-dip in a lake, then sunbathe nude on the shore. Jen even flips over and exposes back-burger while making sure her buns get properly tanned.

Jennifer first hit it big as a high-school kid in Labyrinth (1986). She proved just how grown up she’d become here, and she was still just 19.
Jennifer is so overwhelmingly sexy here that many viewers don’t even notice, let alone remember, that Debra Cole is naked too.
Virginia Madsen also goes nude in The Hot Spot, but even she pales alongside the glow of future Oscar-winner Jennifer’s glorious Golden Globes.

(0:57) Denise doffs her top during a motel threeway with Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon. Champagne gets poured all over her bare D-cups, and everyone’s tongues end up everywhere.
This is, without a doubt, the greatest ménage-à-trois in movie history.

Be sure to pick up Wild Things’ special edition DVD, which contains a bonus scene of topless Denise tongue-kissing Neve in a swimming pool.

Since not showing her things in Wild, Neve has become nakedly prolific. Check out the Party of Five star’s party of two in When Will I Be Loved(2004) and I Really Hate My Job (2007).

(1:47) Bo smokes a joint in bed, while Dudley Moore gets high the natural way—by ogling her boobs and butt, to our intoxicating delight.
The concept of rating attractiveness on a scale of one to ten surely existed in the past, but this movie made it a routine practice, and Bo beautifully lived up to that titular figure. Even more than her nakedness, the image of Bo jogging on the beach in a yellow swimsuit and her trademark hair braids came to define the cinematic sexuality of 10’s era.

Bo’s follow-up films, Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981) and Bolero (1984), are legendary artistic fiascoes, but they will live forever as naked timepieces of when their bare-bodied star was the most desirable woman on earth.

(0:20) Italy’s luckiest young teen removes Monica’s bra and enjoys a face full of her gigantic bosom before eagerly sliding south to examine her delectably full-grown pubic mound.
A superstar in her native Italy, in 2003 Monica got her big Hollywood break as Persephone in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

To date, Monica has appeared nude in 19 films, including the French cult favorite The Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) and the arthouse shocker Irréversible (2002).

Although her name may not be as familiar as Angelina Jolie and other A-list celebrities, for years, Monica Bellucci has been one of the most-searched actresses at

(0:27) Statuesque Keeley stands frozen in time in a supermarket aisle. An eager sketch artist pulls her shirt up and her pants down to reveal the Brit beauty’s enormous natural chest and wispy muff-puff.
English eyeful Keeley first rose to prominence as a Page 3 Girl—that is, one of the topless models who appear daily on the third page of the UK tabloid newspaper The Sun.

Cashback is a feature-length adaptation of a 19-minute film of the same name that was nominated for a 2005 Academy Award. Stick with this version to see Keeley. It’s worth every penny.

In his review of Cashback, Roger Ebert noted that it had “so much softcore nudity, you’d think that Russ Meyer was back in town.” High praise from Meyer’s old screenwriter!

(1:23) Performing a stylish striptease for Mickey Rourke on the terrace of his Manhattan apartment, Kim rhythmically exposes her sumptuous rump and flashes the Big Apple.
The song to which Kim struts and peels is “You Can Leave Your Hat On” byJoe Cocker. She takes his lyrical advice for a bit, but then even her hat comes off.
Kathleen Turner and Tatum O’Neal turned down 9 1/2 Weeks due to its mix of violence and weird sex. Former Bond babe and Playboy model Kim had no such reservations. Not surprisingly, Kim failed to return for the seldom-seen, direct-to-video sequel, Another 9 1/2 Weeks (1997). Mickey Rourke replaced her with Angie Everhart.

See the full scene at Mr Skin.)