The Trailer For Gerald’s Game Promises The Best Stephen King Adaptation

Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game has long been touted to be completely “unfilmable.” Netflix apparently didn’t agree with this so-called logic, though, and they tapped director Mike Flanagan to bring King’s dark, claustrophobic story to life. Flanagan, perhaps best known for directing Hush and Oculus, has a reputation for being able to do the impossible. After all, Hush has a deaf main character, yet Flanagan wove a tightly terrifying thriller together that doesn’t rely on excessive sound effects or music to scare its audience. 

The new Gerald’s Game trailer has been released by Netflix and it proves that the streaming giant once again has the recipe for success. The story revolves around a woman, Jessie, and her husband, Gerald, who get away for a weekend to try and put the spice back into their marriage. Gerald thinks handcuffs are the best way to do just that, but Jessie becomes uncomfortable once their sex act begins and in the heat of the moment, Gerald has a heart attack and falls to the floor. Left alone far from civilization, and unable to move, Jessie has to keep herself alive and figure out her escape while the hallucinatory effects of food and water deprivation kick in.

Already, it seems likely Gerald’s Game will earn its spot among the best Stephen King adaptations instead of being merely decent or, worse, terrible. Here’s everything to be gleaned from the first trailer for Gerald’s Game releasing on Netflix on September 29, 2017.    

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