When You Try to Do Things You Saw on TV

But have you ever wondered what would happen if you tried to act out some of your favorite movie moments? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve put together a list of expectations vs. reality specifically catered to what happens when you try to do things you saw in the movies or on .

Here you’ll find the hilariously horrible truth about why guys should only wear fedoras on the big screen and why no one one wants to you see you slowly getting out of a pool. As it turns out, not everything is quite as easy as looks on film, so you probably shouldn’t try these moves at home.

So get ready for a laugh as you watch what happens when the movies and square off in this collection of hilarious expectations vs. reality . You’ll find that even though life may not be quite as glamorous as seen on TVwithout Photoshop, the truth is far more hysterical than fiction.

Muscle Shirts: Unfortunately the Muscles Are Not Included

The Dripping Little Mermaid Pose: Because Who Looks Sexy Hauling Themselves from a Pool?

Large Wind Gusts: Not Always So Easily Choreographed in

Injustice: How Even Being Sick Looks Awesome in the Movies

Movies: Giving Unrealistic Expectations Since the Invention of Film

Running: Not Quite as Peaceful as It Looks in the Movies

Super Hero Outfits: The Horrible Moment You Realize There’s More to Them Than Tights

Badass-dom: One Instance Where the Joy May Not Be in the Journey

Home Births: Too Gross for Words

Wearing a Suit: The Moment You Realize He Has a Personal Tailor

Scruffy Facial Hair: Do Not Attempt Without the Assistance of a Professional

Crop Tops: Not Necessarily for You Just Because You’re Southern

Capes: Not Quite the Chick Magnet You Want Them to Be

Hair Flippery: An That Can Take Years to Perfect

Mopeds: Not Really “Kinda the Same Thing” Actually

Ideas: Never Get Them from Someone with Their Own Artist

Titanic Pose: Always Less Cool Than the Movie

The Sexy Lip Bite: More Intricate an Than You May Have Assumed

Retro Hat: The Horrible Truth That’s Shattered Many a Balding Man’s Dreams

Ninja Stealth: Not as Easy to Master as It Looked in the Montage

Guard : Cuddlier Than Neccessary

The Big Reveal: Suspenseful Regrettably Not Included

Classy Villain ‘Stach: Better Left to Dudes in Scorsese Movies

Stunt Driving: How Hard Can It Be?

Life: Kind of a Bummer Actually

Looking Like an Asshat: One of the Lesser Discussed Dangers of Drugs

007 Chic: An Art as Difficult to Master as 007 Stealth

Hobbit Hair: Not Quite as Hot as It Was on the Hobbits

Super Powers: More Downsides Than Expected

: Far More Dangerous Than It’s Often Portrayed

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