TV Characters Who Ended Up With The Wrong Person

No matter how many series have managedĀ to get it right and stick the landing with their finales, there are so many shows that failed to live up to fans’ standards. That might come down to weird pacing, last minute twists, or bizarre, unresolved cliffhangers ā€“ or, the problems could have to do with the romantic pairings. Few series finale decisionsĀ are quite as frustrating for viewers as seeing characters who chose the wrong partner in the end.

Whether it be through behind-the-scenes complications or genuine narrative fumblingĀ by the creative team, there are a number of reasons why there are so manyĀ TV characters who ended up with the wrong person. But no matter what the excuse is, theĀ worst TV romancesĀ always feel particularly annoying, especially for anyone who spent years staying up to date on the show.

Now, it’s entirely possible this list could change in the coming years, if say, Meredith Grey does actually end up with someone other than the late, great Derek Shepherd. But for now, the absolute mostĀ disappointing TV couplings of all time consist of limpĀ will-they-won’t-theyĀ matches and problematic partnerships that can’t live up to the standard set by theĀ best couples on television.