The Ugliest-Ass Sneakers In NBA History

They say beauty is pain, but such pain should be limited those wearing the clothes. In the case of these ugly sneakers, their pain is yours, because you have to look at them while they’re flying across the court.

These are undoubtedly the ugliest basketball player sneakers to ever touch and floor, or possibly even grace your screen. Sure, the NBA is where happens, but it’s also the home of felony-level footwear. When it comes to ugly-ass NBA shoes, these not-so-sick kicks are a slam dunk.


Adidas Kobe Two (2001)

Reebok Preachers (1996)

Nike Flightposite III (2001)

And One’s Chosen One (2006)

Nike’s Sharkley (2008)

Chris Webber’s Dada CDubbz (2002)

Latrell Spreewell’s Spinners (2004)

Glen Rice’s Nautica Competition (1997)

Nike Air Jordan XV (1999)

Baron Davis’ Li Ning (2009)

Starbury 2 (2007)

The Original Starbury (2006)

Gilbert Arenas’ Adidas Lightswitch (2007)

Scottie Pippen’s Nike Air Max-a-Lot (2010)

The Reebok Blast (1996)

Kevin Garnett’s Adidas Bounce (2006)

Reebok’s Iverson Answer XIIII (2014)

Adidas T-Mac 4 (2004)

Joakim Noah’s Le Coq Sportif (2011)

Allen Iverson’s Reebok Answer XIII (2009)

Karl Malone’s LA Gear Light (1993)

Air Jordan 20 (2005)

Nike’s Lebron V (2007)

Rebook’s Double Pump (1992)

Chris Paul’s Jordans (2008)

Tim Duncan’s Nike Total Foamposite Max (1998)

Nike’s Lebron Soldier I (2007)

Dwyane Wade’s Converse 4 (2008)

British Knight Kings SL (1988)

Nike’s Zoom Kobe III (2007)

Jordan Fusions 13 (2009)

Nike’s Kevin Durant I (2008)

Charles Barkley’s Nike CB 94 (1994)

Nike’s Air Raid Urban Jungle (2014)

Kevin Durant’s Peanut Butter And Jelly Nikes (2015)

Scottie Pippen’s Nike Air More Uptempo (1996)

Air Jordan 8 (1993)

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