The Ugliest Christmas Sweaters of All Time

All the best photos of ugly sweaters in one place so you can vote on the most ugly sweater ever knitted. These horrible holiday sweaters range from the weird to the wonderful with each ugly holiday sweater seemingly trying to outdo the next. Whether you’re sitting around watching the best holiday movies or mingling with friends at an ugly sweater party, you should know that there’s hardly a chance your worst holiday sweater could top these fashion fails.
Even Matt Damon gets in on this holiday cheer – from maligned Santas to misanthropic reindeer, these terrible Christmas sweaters will keep you in stitches as you flip through to see the best of the worst fashion of the Christmas season. While this isn’t every bad Christmas sweater that ever existed, this horrible holiday sweater list contains pictures of the best of the worst holiday sweaters.

Because They Don’t See Each Other Every Other Day of the Year

Those Chipmunks Are in the Danger Zone

Totes NOT a Child Molester

The Greatest Joy In Life

What Wizardry Wrought This Sweater?

From the Liberace Collection

The Mouse Gets a Christmas Pardon

Santa’s Got a Taste for Blood

A Retelling of the After-Presents Wrapping Pile

Frilly Necks Are in This Season

This Sweater Is Having an Alien Moment

Rug Trim Is the New Black

Brad Pitt Looks Hawt in Stripes

Everyone in Westeros Is Dying to Sit on the Cane Throne

Somewhere This Appeared in a State Fair

The Cuffs Make the Man

Santa Will Eat Your Children

This Flamingo Had the Worst Transplant Surgeon Ever

Featuring the Pet Tags of Animals Santa Ran Over

Santa Brings the Gift of Terrible Nightmares This Year

Most Likely to Attract Squirrels

Teddy Bears Are Supposed to Have Picnics

The Canada Special

For Christmas in Tropical Locales

Chris Christie Would Have Been a Better Choice

Santa’s Throwing Shade

What Are They Doing to Baby Jesus??

I Thought “Presents” Was the Correct Answer

When the Collar Is the Least Tacky Part…

Time for a Shave

They Watch You When You’re Sleeping


All the Worst Things About Disneyland in Sweater Form

Where Did Those Reindeer Get Straws?

What Merit Badge Was Earned for This?

Ugly Sweater With Hint of Rasta Theme