Unbearably Funny Bear Puns

It’s time to bear down and experience some seriously funny bear puns. Sure, most of them are unbearable, but isn’t that the point? Bear in mind that bear wordplay isn’t just limited to the mighty grizzly bear.┬áThere are┬ápolar and koala bear┬ámemes too. Vote up your favorites and share them with your favorite Internet honey.

  1. Safe and Sound

  2. The Bear Necessities

  3. Too Soon?

  4. The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth

  5. Bear in Mind

  6. Let it Bee

  7. Grill Ride

  8. Bearing a Slight Resemblance

  9. Stop Pandering

  10. Paws Off

  11. Bear Naked

  12. Polar Opposites

  13. Cruel Intentions

  14. Claw & Order

  15. Armed and Dangerous

  16. Bearing a Grudge

  17. One Fur the Road

  18. Bear Witness

  19. Been Bear Done That

  20. The Lowest of the Low