The Most Unexpectectly Useful Life Advice from Louis CK

Louis CK smart quotes address everything from the miracle of technology, to how cellphones and TV are killing the empathy in children. We can relate to Louis CK life advice because unlike many other celebrities, we’ve actually seen him fail. He isn’t some kind of god that we put up on a pedestal. He’s a real human being, and we’ve seen all of his highs and lows through his comedy specials. We’ve seen him parent and not parent. We’ve seen him fail and succeed. We’ve even seen him crash and burn on dates, only to rise from the ashes of his misfortune at his next show at the Comedy Cellar.

Anyone who strictly follows Louis CK’s wisdom knows that you should never complain about being bored, or whine that you don’t know how to tell your kids about gay marriage. If you said either of those things in his presence, you’d get a face full of ginger-haired fury.

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