Unique Business Cards for Clever Entrepreneurs

Below you’ll find an out-of-the ordinary collection of cards, some that turned out to be better ideas than others. You’ll see how an interactive card can be great attention grabber, as long as your clever idea doesn’t get in the way of actually getting your business information across. Designing a card that can sprout flowers is all kinds of quirky fun, but keep in mind that your clients will be forced to destroy their garden in order to find your number.

Think making your contact information look like a tiny eye chart is a great way to emphasize your optometry business? It totally is, except that anyone who actually needs to see it probably won’t be able to.

If you need some inspiration for your next funny business cards, check out some of the wackiest, most hilarious business cards out there. Which ones are great attention grabbers and which ones go a little too far to be taken seriously? You decide by voting your favorites to the top!

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