Unsuspecting Movies You Never Expected To Have Nude Scenes

There are some movies you just know won’t have nudity, and then there are those movies that you know for a fact will have it. It’s a rare delight when a can surprise you with some surprising naughty bits. From frivolous teen comedies to blockbuster PG-13 romances that suddenly showcase Oscar winners in the buff, these are movies nobody expected to see the full monty.

Just One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys is one of those  masterpieces that could only exist in the ’80s. Joyce Hyser goes undercover, passing herself off as a high school boy for 88 minutes of teen movie shenanigans. Then, suddenly, with only minutes left in the movie, she reveals her secret by ripping open her tuxedo in a moment that’s way, way out of place in a PG-13 high school movie.

Howard the Duck

When Lea Thompson, playing Beverly, proceeds to flirt with what is basically a life-sized Donald Duck, you find yourself thanking the gods above that this universe only exists in cinema. Though full coitus never ends up happening between the two during this scene, the implication remains there for the rest of the . Mr. Lucas, please stick to Star Wars.

Trading Places

Maybe you saw this movie when it came out, or maybe you saw it decades later. Either way, you were probably surprised at the suddenness with which Jamie Lee Curtis uncovers in this .

The Gift

This is an R-rated thriller, but it still comes as unexpected when former teen star whips out her happy hooters during the movie’s big reveal. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the explicit moment might overshadow the movie’s twist ending that begins to unravel mere seconds later with an unsexy turn.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Ding dong, here’s Jason Segel’s schlong. Not only does his wiggling wiener make surprise appearance, but by effectively announcing that Forgetting Sarah Marshall isn’t a standard issue romantic , it elevates the scene (if not the entire movie) above forgettable status.

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The Whole Nine Yards

In this hitman comedy, Amanda Peet busts out her baps to beguile some baddies! They’re surprised, you’re surprised, everybody’s surprised.

Starship Troopers

When you put on a Paul Verhoeven film, you probably expect some flesh. What you don’t expect is to see practically the entire cast together in their birthday suits. That’s exactly what you get thanks to the now-infamous Starship Troopers co-ed shower scene which features various bits of Casper Van Dien, Anthony Ruivivar, Eric Bruskotter, Jake Busey, Matt Levin, Dina Meyer, Tami Adrian-George, Brooke Morales, and Blake Lindsley.


Titanic is a spectacle of visual and budgetary excess, but as B-Movie king Roger Corman (a mentor to James Cameron) noted, showing an in the buff is the cheapest special effect. If you showed up for a romantic PG-13 ballad about a broken boat, you got a bonus barrage of Kate Winslet’s bare buoys in a scandalous scene.

The Fifth Element

You’re watching a playful PG-13 romp where a couple of monks and a cabbie are trying to forge a super-weapon when, suddenly, BOOM! The super-weapon turns out to be a nekkid supermodel in a tube! They don’t add many clothes because, as everyone knows, fights better without clothes.


As a modern moviegoer, you’ve got a plethora of options for seeing Angelina Jolie in various states of undress, but you might not recall the fleeting frames during a Hackers dream sequence in which Kate aka “Acid Burn” gets more comfortable than a leather motorcycle jacket would allow.


Two in the buff scenes, four tatas, and five nips are on display in Mallrats. The surprises start early with Joey Lauren Adams’s top floor, but the showstopper is Priscilla Barness’ turn as a triple-nipped psychic and deus ex machina.

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The Big Lebowski

Any parts of Julianne Moore that you didn’t see in Shortcuts can be seen here in The Big Lebowski. One should expect mature content in a Coen Brothers film, but having the skin come in a high speed leather painting harness is a bit of a curveball.


Though uncredited, B-movie star Kitten Natividad provided the jostling jigglers for two bits in Airplane!One scene is an elegant visual riff comparing a plate of jello to her tumultuous t-shirted breasts. The other is a less-than-motivated monument to mammaries in motion, and no matter who stupid it is, you can’t help but laugh.

Team : World Police

You probably never expected to see gratuitously fornicating puppets in any movie, even one by the creators of South Park, but that definitely happened. This probably doesn’t count, since the stars are puppets without any privates. It might not be the most anatomically correct scene, but it is comprehensive one.

Short Cuts

This Robert Altman movie is actually pretty full of nakedness, but the shocker happens over two hours in, when Julianne Moore whips around to engage Matthew Modine in a dramatic argument whilst bottomless. She blow dries her pants (seemingly forever) but only puts them on after an emotional crescendo.

About Schmidt

Even with a robe and a hot tub filling the mise-en-scene, no one expects Kathy Bates to strip down and go skinny dipping. But that’s exactly what she does in this scene, getting comfortable in the tub with a notably less comfortable Jack Nicholson. Be prepared for confusing feelings… in your pants.


Just under an hour into this fluffy period drama about 1900s New York, Elizabeth McGovern drops with the intention of getting freaky, only to be interrupted by two unflappable divorce lawyers.

Lethal Weapon

You expect a certain amount of testosterone in action movies, but Lethal Weapon demands some soul searching. Can you handle a healthy dose of man-ass with all those ‘splosions?  may never win an Oscar, but he can always say he gave skinema the original “unmotivated butt in the moon-beam” shot.


You can see a shot of half-naked John Cena almost any day of the week, but it’s a special occasion when he goes 97% naked. The Rock Bottom isn’t his finishing move in WWE (it belongs to The Rock, of course), but it does describe what you’ll be looking at for most of his screen time in Trainwreck.

Any Given Sunday

You thought you were watching a good old fashioned movie until Cameron Diaz walks into the Sharks locker room and in the words of John Madden, ” Boom!” John Clark’s wobbling wiener!

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

You expect a rock star to be surrounded by women without their clothes on, and there are a lot of them in this scene, but Dewey Cox takes it to another level by adding a flaccid feature player into the foreground throughout an unrelated scene. It’s explicit and matter of fact in a way that’s unexpected for a goofy spoof comedy.

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Don’t put this spooky foreign film on for date night; don’t even put it on for horror movie night, because it’s a whole different kind of spooky. The film opens with a shot of actual penetration, which is contrasted with a young child falling to his tragic death. By the end of the movie you’ll also see (unsimulated) self pleasure, female genital mutilation, and even a Willem Dafoe’s junk getting clobbered by a log.


An old-timey baseball movie is perfect for the kids, right? Wrong. Ty Cobb beats a topless lady of the night (Lolita Davidovich) at gunpoint and has a flashback where his dad gets blasted by his naked mother’s equally naked lover’s shotgun (a literal shotgun)