US Presidents with the Strangest Hobbies


Letā€™s face it, it takes a pretty uncommon person to become president. That probably means that there are going to be more than a few USĀ presidents with weird hobbies. Given that a good number of presidents didnā€™t have television or even radio, they had to find something to do with all their time. Some of theĀ hobbies of US presidents were more ordinary, like playing piano or collecting stamps. But some great men just canā€™t have regular hobbies. No, those men have to do things to the extreme. Some take up recreational violence (sports like boxing and wrestling)Ā on the side, or eccentric rituals, or even creative pursuits. Sometimes, great men need great hobbies to occupy their time.


So, if youā€™re curious check out the list of weird hobbies of US presidentsĀ below and vote up your favorite presidential hobby. Just keep one thing in mind: no one, president or otherwise, will ever be able to match the pastimes of Teddy Roosevelt.