Vin Diesel’s Facebook Is A Treasure Trove Of Inspirational Memes

When not appearing on posters for the Fast and the Furious series, actor Vin Diesel puts himself into inspirational posters on his page. Vin Diesel’s inspiring posts, which tend to feature Photoshop, filters, and elephants, read a lot like motivational posters from your 5th grade classroom if they also included the lead actor from xXx. One of the things you may not know about Vin Diesel is his commitment to his Vinbook, his devoted fans. With over 100 million likes on the platform, Vin Diesel’s page pumps out Vin Diesel posters and memes seen by a population equivalent to one-third of the United States. Vin Diesel appears more in his own memes than he does the Fast and Furious franchise, thereby solidifying his role as “motivator” to be his most prolific one. Dominic Toretto would probably call him a softie to his face while simultaneously making one of these Vin Diesel memes his lock screen.

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On Courage

On Happiness

On Positive Thinking

On His Non-Judgmental Facebook Page

On What Motivates Him

On Smiling

On Childhood Dreams

On The Love Component

On Love

On Souls

On Christmas Ornaments

On Loving Mother Gaia

On Making Magic

On The Calming Power Of Felines

On Dreaming

On Believing In Yourself

On Father’s Day

On Faith’s Physical Prowess

On Sing-A-Longs

On Touching Someone Using Your Spirit

On Daring To Dream

On The Beauty Of Silence

On Being Happy

On Willpower

On Self-Confidence And Aquatic Activities

On Knockin’ Em Dead

On Trusting Your Spirit

On Dreaming And Doing

On Being A Visionary

On Being From NYC

On Angels

On Accomplishing Great Things