23 Celebrities and Their Cartoon Doppelgangers

Which came first, the celebrity or their doppelganger? And why are there so many who look like cartoon characters? Nobody really knows the answers to these extremely important questions, which is why you should stop worrying about it and simply enjoy this gallery of celebs who look like cartoons. The good news is these famous people who look just like animated characters could easily cross over into the animated world and start doing remakes of classic animated movies, and vice versa. You’re welcome, Hollywood.

Linda Hunt and Edna Mode

Leslie David Baker and Cleveland Brown

John Smith and Chris Hemsworth

Grumpy Cat and Master Shifu

Mr. Slave and Freddie Mercury

Lion-O and Carrot Top

Neil Patrick Harris and Riddler

Larry King and Mr. Burns

Christina Hendricks and Jessica Rabbit

Snow White and Ginnifer Goodwin

Emma Watson and Belle

Alison Brie and Jane from Tarzan

Charlie Sheen and Glenn Quagmire

Gillian Anderson and Lois Griffin

Aubrey Plaza and Violet Parr

Nicki Minaj and He-Man

Haley Joel Osment and Shaggy

Ariel and

Tom Selleck and Bob Belcher

Danielle Fishel and Princess Fiona

Paul Giamatti and Homer Simpson

Vince the “Shamwow Guy” and Moe Szyslak

Rihanna and Woody Woodpecker

Zendaya LOL