The Funniest Electronic Sings on the Open Road

As it turns out, hacked electronic road signs are actually a fairly easy prank to pull off, due to the fact that road workers rarely take the time to lock the boxes that the sign’s keyboards are connected to. Not that anyone is saying to go out there and produce some funny electronic warning signs of your own, this collection of already-hacked signs should be way more than enough to satisfy your funny road signs cravings for at least a year.

Assembled here is a group of hysterically hacked funny electronic road signs that may or may not actually give a hoot about your roadside safety. Be sure to vote up which hacked signs you think are the funniest


That's Just Evil

Every Man for Himself!

Dear God! To the Sign Factory!

Just When You Thought Excessive Honking Was the Worst

Way to Bottom Line It, Hacker

Childhood Trauma Trigger in 3…2…1

Well…Better Safe than Sorry, Right?

Gonna Guess They Ain’t the Sparkly Kind?

No Seriously. Slow the F— Down.

It was a Dark Day for the Citizens of the Bamboo Forest…

Lah Dee Dah Dee Dah…

It’s True. He Does.

When It Snows in Boston

Man, Not Again…

Even the Guy Sent to Change It Back Seems to Cling to Hope It’s True

It Doesn’t Take Much for Some Folks…

Construction Workers on Lunch Break Ahead

Turn Around Now!

It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here

And You Thought the Text Message Break-Up was Rough

Look What You Made Them Do

When Nerds Go Rogue

You Don’t Say?

Don’t Say They Didn’t Warn You

Yet They Still Didn’t See it Coming

Go Home Sign, You’re Drunk