The 30 Worst Sets of Eyebrows in History


When you were a kid, you probably shaved off your eyebrows at least once. You had to go to school anyway, and your friends made fun of you… so you never got near those brows again, or you let a professional shape your eyebrows, lest you turn them into an ugly mess again. The people on this list never learned their lessons and, as a result, have some of the ugliest eyebrows ever seen on real-live humans.

Rounded up from the awful eyebrows subreddit, these individuals not only made these horrible beauty mistakes – right on their faces for all to see – but they then also allowed themselves to be photographed. Some of these of awful eyebrows are actual (why?) while others are mug shots. It turns out, criminals spend lots of time carefully grooming their eyebrows into unnatural shapes. Still other people have truly horrible tattooed eyebrows, for some inexplicable reason.

Rosy Complexion: Ur Doin’ it Wrong

The Natural Look

You and Your Eyebrows are All Under Arrest for Crimes against Fashion

Angry Ice Cream Cone Brows

Huge Eyebrow Fail. Literally.



Brows: One Thing You Should Prolly Not Pick Up at the Gas Station

Even These Lips Have Brows

Something Ain’t Right About These Itty Bitty Baby Brows

Just (Don’t) Do It


The Brows that Launched 1,000 Ships Back the Other Way

The Mountain Brow

Mommy & Me Brows

This Must Take Hours


Go Big or Go Home


The Wavy Brow Haze

Please Hold. Brows Are Still Typing….

50 Shades of Brow

Bert Just Got Beat Out for the Biggest Brows on Sesame St.

Slabs of Brow

Overshot It, Just a Little

Kind Words

Are Those Leeches on Your Face or are You Just Happy to See Me?

These Bad Boys Look Ready to Swim Away at Any Moment

The Bedazzled Brow

Uneven Brows: Especially Embarrassing When You Drew Them Yourself