30 Celebrities Who Wear Hair Pieces

Not all famous men have a glorious head of hair! This list of celebrities who wear hair pieces is loosely ranked by fame and popularity and includes several famous actors, musicians, and athletes who all wear toupees and hair pieces. Some of these famous men have admitted to going bald, while others still deny that they are losing their hair. One professional athlete even credits his hair piece as the main factor in losing an important match.

Who is the most famous person who wears a hair piece? Charlie Sheen tops our list. Charlie Sheen has been rumored to wear a hair piece for most acting jobs and public appearances. In 2014, Sheen’sĀ Two and a Half MenĀ co-star Jon Cryer admitted that he wears fake hair.

Professional tennis player Andre Agassi said that wearing a wig caused him to stress so much that he lost the French Open in 1990. “My wig was like a chain and the ridiculously long strands in three colors like an iron ball which hung on it,” he said. Hugh Laurie is balding in real life, but onĀ HouseĀ he used to wear a special hair piece to get a full head of hair. Other famous people known to wearĀ wigs include Ben Affleck, Kevin James, and Chuck Norris. Even male rock stars like Gene Simmons are on this list!


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