46 Celebrities Who You Probably Never Noticed Have Wonky Eyes

Who is the most famous person with Strabismus? tops our list. If you look closely at photographs of Paris Hilton, you will see that she is never looking at the exact same spot with both eyes. Although Hilton clearly has the money to fix the problem, it seems that the heiress has chosen to embrace the flaw. Other famous women with Strabismus include Heidi Klum, , and Kate Moss.

This photo gallery of walleyed celebrities include famous people with lazy eyes as well as cross-eyed celebrities. Several famous men also have Strabismus. Forest Whitaker has had a stellar acting career despite having Strabismus. Hollywood is typically very appearance-centric, focusing on perfection, but Whitaker has shown that a flaw can actually be an asset. Other famous men with mild Strabismus include Abraham Lincoln, , and .


Paris Hilton

Ryan Gosling

Heidi Klum

Russell Crowe

Kristen Bell

Denzel Washington

Kate Moss

John F. Kennedy

Taylor Lautner

Steve Buscemi

Penélope Cruz

Abraham Lincoln

Barbra Streisand

Jaime Pressly

Thom Yorke

Zac Efron

Paul Dano

Topher Grace

Jean-Paul Sartre

Forest Whitaker

Alicia Keys

Henry Fonda

Josie Davis

Hayden Christensen

Charles Bronson

Reba McEntire

B. J. Novak

Marty Feldman

Shannen Doherty

Stuart Scott

Robin Tunney

Ben Turpin

Charissa Thompson

Tracy McGrady

Dannielynn Birkhead

Colin Hay

Groucho Marx

Carey Lowell

Andy Cohen

Arsenio Hall