30 Celebrities Who Have Even Hotter Siblings

It’s kind of a given that most famous people are hot, but it still comes as a surprise whenever we see celebrities with hot siblings. Often times, in fact, the celeb siblings are even hotter than the Hollywood celebs themselves! Sometimes all it takes is a different nose or a different hair color to give siblings of famous people that extra boost needed to make him or her rise above their celeb brother or sister. (In Audrina Patridge’s sister’s case, all it takes is a pair of eyes which aren’t looking up at the ceiling all the time.)

It’s always fun to look for similarities between celebrity siblings. Just wait till you see Emma Watson and her brother: they practically look like the same person! It’s freaky! Also, who knew the Olsen Twins had a hot sister that they’ve been hiding away from us for the longest time?! Yep. Elizabeth Olsen is just as talented, and even more attractive, than her arguably more famous older celeb siblings. She smiles more, too.

Elizabeth (center) is the hottest of the Olsen siblings, hands down. She’s taller, she doesn’t have problems with smiling, and she has way better fashion sense.
William may be the one who has settled down with a nice gal, and is, you know, The Boy Who Will Be King, but he’s never going to be as hot (or have as great a hairline) as his younger brother Harry.
Maggie might be talented and all, but she can’t hold a candle to her smoking hot brother Jake, who has won over countless men and women with his roles in movies like Brokeback Mountain and Nightcrawler.
Twilight star Nikki Reed’s brother Nathan (right) might not have the most red hot career (he’s an accountant), but he’s definitely not lacking in the looks department. Check out that winning smile… don’t you wish you could hire him for some one-on-one consulting?

Dakota Johnson’s little sister Stella is actually her half sister. She is the daughter of Johnson’s mother Melanie Griffith and actor Antonio Banderas. Both are beauties – just like their mom.

Gemma may have gotten the Styles good looks, but she is just as motivated as her little brother. She’s a fashion writer for several magazines and works as a stylist.

Can anyone in the Hudson family go wrong? It looks like Oliver Hudson got the same great locks and looks as his little sis Kate. And just try to NOT get lost in those eyes! They may be droopy, but they’re definitely pretty.

Karlie Kloss might be a model, but she isn’t the only looker in the family! Kloss has two sisters, twins Kimberly and Kariann. Karlie (right) showed off her family’s good genes when she arrived at the Paper Towns premiere with Kimberly (left) in tow.

Source: People

Casey Patridge (right), the younger sister of The  Hills star Audrina Patridge (left), benefits from not having as bad a case of “ceiling eyes.”

With a cuter nose than her big sis Penelope, Monica Cruz (left) is currently clocking in as the hotter of the two siblings. (Just don’t tell that to Penelope’s character in Vicki Cristina Barcelona. She might shoot you.)

Steven Tyler’s face looked okay on his daughter Liv (left), but it looks even better on his younger daughter Chelsea (right).

The Kirke Sisters

Jemima, Lola, and Domino.
Maleficent star Elle Fanning (left) is taller and less creepy-looking than her older sister Dakota (right), so we’ll give her the edge.
Even Captain America can’t always be the hottest man in the room. Scott Evans may not be as famous as his older brother Chris, but he’s definitely just as hot. He may even be hotter: Just try looking at that beard without fanning yourself.

X-Men star Nicholas Hoult is known for his good looks – and his sister Rosanna is just as good looking. The two and their other sister Clarista are all very close.

Josh Hutcherson’s little brother Connor (left) is just as cute as his older brother, and has an extensive social media presence.

What’s better than one Ashmore? Two! Shawn Ashmore’s brother Aaron (left) is his twin, and is also an actor.

Gisele’s younger siblings don’t exactly measure up to her in the height department, but they sure are killing it in the looks department. Patricia (right) has the “girl next door” thing down to a T.

Briana Cuoco is the brunette version of her famous sister, Kaley.

Eric Lively has the same beautiful baby blues as his younger sister Blake, but he’s somehow making ’em work even harder. He unfortunately doesn’t have the same golden blonde hair as Blake, but we’ll forgive him.
We’re going to call this one a tie. Scarlett Johansson’s actor twin brother Hunter has got it going on, but it would be blasphemy to say that he (or anyone) is hotter than Scarlett.
Weird name, but hot bod. Cisely Saldana (left), i.e., Zoe’s younger sister, has chosen to keep her good looksbehind the scenes as a producer on projects like the Zoe-starring Rosemary’s Baby.
Tsiwft’s younger bro Austin leaves little to be desired, but don’t tell anyone we said that. (He’s only 23!)
Did Jennifer Aniston choose the wrong Theroux bro? Just try looking at Justin’s younger brother Sebastian (right) without fainting. He may be too young for Jen (he’s 17 years younger than Justin), but at least he still has his hairline in tact.
Sofia Vergara is by far the most successful actor in her family, but her sister Sandra (right) may be the most attractive. Her sultry, femme fatale look stands in stark contrast to Sofia’s bright and cheery TV star charisma.
9021-oh no! Looks like former 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord (left) has a little bit of competition in the form of her gorgeous sister, Angel (right).
Beauty takes a human form in Alex Watson, Emma Watson’s younger brother. Rumor has it that Alex is an adopted child and not even related to Emma, which is crazy because they look almost exactly alike. (Except for the fact that Alex is a tad prettier.)

These sister lookalikes are both actresses living in Los Angeles.

It’s hard for anyone to be hotter than Adam Levine, but we’ll give his brother Michael the edge. After all, Adam’s always hogging the spotlight and it’s time that Michael gets a little credit, too.
Can you imagine what it would be like to be the sibling of Robert Pattinson? Well, it can’t be hard when you look like his sister Lizzy. Personally, we think she’s hotter.

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