Disney Movie Plot Holes That’ll Ruin Everything

This list isn’t here to destroy all the fond memories of your childhood by bringing up these Disney plot holes – it’s simply intended to point out some of the Disney movie secrets that were pretty well under wraps until the laser focused eye of the Internet came about.

Most people see these when they’re young. Generally speaking, kids are not going to ask why Cinderella’s glass slipper stayed glass after midnight, or why Scar didn’t see to killing Simba himself to ensure the cub would never avenge his father’s death.

fans only ask these kinds of questions as their film IQs season with age and they begin to understand how narratives are put together in a cohesive form. Some of these plot holes are really obvious and one would think that the writers were quite aware of them, but decided to gloss over the gaping issues anyway. Other plot holes are more nit-picky and merely point out a small imperfection that most movie-goers would not consider overtly significant.

Do you know of any other plot holes in Disney movies? Let everyone know in the comments section.

Why Is Ariel Fine with Seafood?

Film: The Little Mermaid

TL;DR: Ariel should probably be a little upset when seafood is served for dinner.

Ariel is friends with fish when she lives under the sea, heck her best friend is a crab. However, when crab is served for dinner, she doesn’t even balk at the thought of chowing down on what could be her best buddy. 

Why Doesn’t Hades Check on Hercules’s Soul?

Film: Hercules

TL;DR: Hades should be aware that Hercules is not dead.

For such a powerful leader, Hades doesn’t bother to watch his own back. Panic and Pain tell the Lord of the Underworld that they have successfully killed Hercules. One would think that Hades (who rules the Underworld, after all) would take a look around at the dead to verify that information. He doesn’t – not until almost two decades later. 

Why Doesn’t Anyone Realize That Mulan Is a Woman?

Film: Mulan

TL;DR: It’s pretty obvious that Mulan is not a man.

Mulan enlists in the army, a place where her femaleness should be readily apparent to anyone with eyes. What happens when she uses the bathroom or takes a shower? 

Why Does Scar Let Simba Live?

Film: The Lion King

TL;DR: Scar should have made sure Simba was killed.

Scar is an evil, but incredibly smart and power-hungry lion. After he offs Mufasa to take over the throne, the obvious thing for Scar to do would have been to make sure the king’s son, and rightful heir to the throne, doesn’t come back when he’s all grown up – big, strong, and angry – to take what is rightfully his. 

Why Doesn’t Ariel Communicate with the by Writing?

Film: The Little Mermaid

TL;DR: Ariel signs a contract, so we know she can write. There’s no reason she can’t put pen to paper to explain everything to Prince Eric.

The Huffington Post picked up on a Facebook post by Mary Falls that asked about this head-scratching plot hole. And even a 10-year old girl inquired about it during a Q & A session with Disney animators. “‘ If Ariel couldn’t speak to tell the Prince who she was, why didn’t she write him a letter?’ The animators smiled to each other and one said, ‘Next question.'” 

How Could Anita and Roger Possibly Take Care of 101 Dalmatians?

Film: 101 Dalmatians

TL;DR: Anita and Roger have no business with that many dogs.

The main conflict in 101 Dalmatians is centered around Anita and Roger’s desire to protect all 101 of their new puppies. But even for a Disney movie, it’s pretty hard to accept that Roger and Anita could truly take care of that many puppies, unless they were extremely wealthy and had an enormous amount of land. 

How Does Pocahontas Know the English Language So Well?

Film: Pocahontas

TL;DR: There is no way Pocahontas should be able to communicate so well in English.

We know from the facts of the film that Pocahontas’s tribe has never met any English-speaking people, nor did they even know that they existed. However, she can communicate with John Smith and company very well in the English language. 

How Does Elsa Get Her Magical Powers?

Film: Frozen

TL;DR: Elsa has unexplained magic powers.

Even with animated films, the viewer needs to know certain things. Elsa, who by all other means appears to be a normal little girl at the beginning of the film, displays magical superpowers. Did she inherent them from a relative? Was she somehow cursed? Was she in some kind of accident? It never comes up, and just because the writers of the film intentionally left this open, doesn’t mean that it’s not a plot hole. 

Where are the Beast’s Parents?

Film: Beauty and the Beast

TL;DR: The Beast is a prince, but where are the king and queen?

The Beast is only 11 years old when a witch puts a curse on him for being selfish. The movie never mentions anything about his parents or who raised him. Did they die? Did they leave town? We never find out. 

Why Did Cinderella’s Glass Slippers Stay Glass Slippers After Midnight?

Film: Cinderalla

TL;DR: Cinderella’s glass slippers remain intact, even after midnight strikes.

The clock strikes midnight. Cinderella’s time at the Royal Ball with the Prince is over. Her fairy godmother’s spell wears off, and Cinderella’s dress turns to rags. Yet, her glass slippers remain in pristine condition. Shouldn’t they have changed as well? 

What About All Those Jewels?

Film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

TL;DR: The dwarves are jewel miners, yet still live a miserly life.

Shouldn’t Doc be sporting some bling? Or, at the very least, the seven dwarves should be able to upgrade from their tiny cabin. The dwarves mine expensive jewels. Where do the jewels go? How are the dwarves compensated? We never find out. 

Isn’t Aladdin Already a Prince?

Film: Aladdin

TL;DR: Aladdin’s wish to become a prince is granted, so there shouldn’t be an issue with Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin uses his first wish to become a prince and that wish is granted. However, for some reason, Aladdin either forgets or doesn’t accept that he’s become a prince, because he keeps bringing up the fact that Princess Jasmine can only marry a prince. There shouldn’t be an issue if his wish really was granted. 

Why Doesn’t Maleficent Just Send Diablo?

Film: Sleeping Beauty

TL;DR: Maleficent should have known immediately to send Diablo to find Aurora.

It’s of vital importance to Maleficent to find Aurora. Yet, she sends out a bunch of lackeys who can’t handle the job. Finally, Maleficent, who certainly seems pretty strategic and smart, sends out Diablo, who is able to track down Aurora without any issue.

Why Doesn’t Rapunzel’s Hair Stay Blonde?

Film: Tangled

TL;DR: Only the hair that is cut should turn brown.

We see at the beginning of the movie that when Rapunzel cuts her hair, only the pieces of hair that leave her scalp turn brown. The hair that isn’t cut should therefore stay blonde. 

Why Doesn’t Charlotte Turn Into a Frog?

Film: The Princess and the Frog

TL;DR: Charlotte should have turned into a frog because she kissed Naveen after midnight.

Prince Naveen needs to kiss a princess in order for he and Tiana to turn from frog back to human. Charlotte steps up to the plate, since she is a temporary princess (her dad had been crowned King of Mardi Gras). The rub is that Charlotte doesn’t kiss Naveen until after midnight, when she is technically no longer a princess. Charlotte, therefore, should have also turned into a frog. 

Why Wouldn’t Prey Fear Predators?

Film: Zootopia

TL;DR: Prey aren’t being prejudiced to be afraid of carnivorous animals.

In the metropolis of Zootopia, prey live peacefully alongside predators, a minority representing just 10% of the population. The movie’s racial allegory reinforces (correctly) that it’s wrong for a majority to irrationally fear an oppressed minority, but that message is undercut by the fact that, unlike the unfairly maligned real world populations they represent, predators are by their nature inclined to be dangerous to the prey that they hunt to survive.