20 Pets With Extremely Appropriate Names

Naming your pet is always a difficult process. It’s a name you’re going to yell for a decade, so you always want to make sure it’s an appropriate name that sounds fun. Even when you scream it. A lot. And then there are these pets who gave their owners no choice but to give them a certain name. These are pets with extremely appropriate names. Some are funny, some are weird, but they’re all very appropriate. Because of the way that they look, they just had to be named their name. There is no way around it.                    

Chewbacca Dog

Travolta Dog

Toothless Cat

Samuel L. Barkson

Dracula Cat

The White Wizard

Foxy Dog


The Incredible Toad

Leela Cat

Total Dick Move

The Real Garfield

Adrien Brody Cat

Putin on a Show

Maleficent Cat

Einstein Cat

Stache Cat

Live Free or Bark Hard