18 Unique Same-Sex Weddings That’ll Melt Your Heart

Are you looking for gay ideas? In case you were out of the country on June 26, 2015, you might have missed the US Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. If you are part of the LGBTQ community or associated with it in any way, you already know that gay weddings are some of the best weddings because just about anything can happen. Outdoors, indoors, traditional, non-traditional, elaborate, quaint – you know, like straight weddings, only no one’s aunt sings Ave Maria out of tune (or maybe she does, depending on your family?).  

A lot of gay weddings pop up that are incredibly unique and a bit out of the box, as compared to traditional marriage ceremonies. Why? The very nature of a gay wedding ceremony is about expressing love and values in a country where up until recently, the union wasn’t considered legal everywhere. 
So as the floodgates open for more and more same-sex weddings, let’s look at the many wonderful, unique, and moving ways LGBTQ couples are making their nuptials special. Stefon might even whisper into his steepled hands, “These gay weddings have everything; hand-held chuppahs, carousels, Cirque du Soleil performers, the beach in the rain, Cyndi Lauper, drag queens, the best wedding photographers in the business, Converse, cowboy boots, chicken and waffles, fabulous wedding cakes, breathtaking locations, bites that foodies will love, cool DIY invitations, poolside receptions, and photos so stunning, you’ll cry like a unicorn who’s seen too much beauty.”

Some of these weddings are so elegant, you’re going to need Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings, but all of them demonstrate that a gay wedding ceremony’s foundation is love, support, and fun. No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you are planning, you can draw upon these weddings for inspiration. Don’t hate, appropriate… these gay wedding ideas.

Upvote the most creative and one-of-a-kind gay wedding below and let love win again.

Ravi + Todd: A Barn-Chic Indian Wedding
This couple basically just won at all the gay wedding things. Beautiful location and ceremony, a perfect blend of cultures, and all the feels. The couple had traveled the world together so they brought Bali, India, and the farm together to create a magnificent day.

Photos: Manghnani Kinsman, Ueda Photography
Source: 4realequalityweddings 

Daniel + Sauce: A Wedding Alice in Wonderland Would Love

The first gay wedding at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA allowed Daniel and Sauce to capture the whimsy and magic of their relationship. The invitations, the food, the cool cake with the mustache, the touch of pastel throughout the event, their bowties, their well-matched suits, to the carousel ride for guests… every aspect of the wedding was about love and fun. Daniel and Sauce knew just how to create a wonderful day for themselves and everyone who attended. 

Photo: Leon Glaubinger, BG Productions
Source: Offbeat Bride

Scott + Tim: Modern Jewish Wedding

This airplane-themed wedding brought many elements together and made for a most charming event. Scott proposed to Tim with an airplane banner so they decided to fully embrace that as inspiration for the wedding and reception. There was a hand-held chuppah and Tim’s mom sang at the ceremony. Actual Cirque du Soleil performers were at their reception. Hard to top. 

Photos:  McKenzie White, Hitched Studios
Source: The Modern Jewish Wedding

Tim + Michael: Love in the Desert
The couple chose the popular Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA, but the stellar part of their wedding was their own design and DIY approach.

Photos: Noa Azoulay, Feather Love
Source: 100 Layercake

Jackie + Sarah: Sunsets & Cowboy Boots
Sure, IQ Photo had great subjects, but their special eye for pulling out all of the awesomeness of this gay wedding is a skill. Knowing how to compose and capture a couple’s wedding day is art. Just look at that sunset and those beautiful brides!

Photos: IQ Photo
Source: Cosmopolitan

Robyn + Michelle: Simple Elegance
18 Unique Same-Sex Weddings That'll Melt Your Heart

Two brides. One gorgeous gay wedding. Their ceremony and reception was held in a large loft with all the right touches and with the main focus on the couple. The best weddings are about the couple. Not every wedding has to be over the top.

Photos: IQ Photo
Source: Cosmopolitan

Salvatore + Gerard: Posh Wedding with a Drag Queen and Taylor Dayne

Even though Salvatore and Gerard were married at the justice of the peace in Beverly Hills, CA, they wanted to create their vows for their friends and family. They chose Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills. Ingenue, a nightclub hostess and emcee, officiated. Taylor Dayne sang “Tell It to My Heart” and “Love Will Lead You Back.” The couple pampered their guests with a 360 view of LA, delicious food, and entertainment they will not soon forget. 

Photos: Hannah Arista Photography
Source: Equally Wed

Adam + Dave: Location, Location, Location

Adam and Dave chose the magnificent and film-worthy Crane Estate in Ipswitch, MA, for their nuptials – and not randomly. Adam vacationed there with his family and took Dave when they started dating, and it was there that the couple fell in love. Adam designed the invitations, printed, and assembled them. The flowers and food were perfection. The venue didn’t overpower the event. Nicely done, Adam and Dave.

Photos: Josh ColemanThe Wedding Artist Collective
Source: 100 Layer Cake

Elaine + Annabeth: Celebrated 26 Years Together and Their Faith

This Atlanta couple was thrilled to be able to married in the Episcopal Church even before same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 states. Their gay wedding at St. Luke’s focused on their love for their church, their community, and for each other. They tried to use as many colors as possible throughout the ceremony to represent rainbow colors.  

Photos: Amanda Summerlin
Source: Equally Wed

Jennifer + Amy: No Roof, No Problem

Jennifer and Amy chose a wedding path that was completely unique to them. The brides chose an urban setting, The IceHouse, with traditional touches but certainly put a twist on them. How about a bouquet made out of metal and some punk bridesmaids? Jennifer’s advice: “Use your imagination – don’t do something because you think it’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to do.” 

Photos: Jason and Anna Photography, We Are Your Photogs
Source: ruffledblog

Kirstie + Kayce: Embraced Nature and Cyndi Lauper

We all can’t have Cyndi Lauper at our wedding, but we can invite the people who love and support us. Kirstie and Kayce chose the great outdoors of Malibu, CA and simple lights from the trees with chairs for guests. As with any special day, it all came down to those special little touches such as the rings, vows, and the love in the air. It also doesn’t hurt to have Cyndi Lauper break into her own song at the reception.

Photos: Mi Belle Photography
Source: Wedding Chicks

Jeannine + Robin: Break Tradition, Create Their Own

Lots of color, lots of mold breaking, Jeannine and Robin did it their way. And their way rocked.

Photos: Tara Beth Photography
Source: Cosmopolitan

Robert + Kyle: Island Love

La Zebra in Tulum, Mexico was the perfect wedding destination for this couple. Robert and Kyle got to take in the gorgeous scenery while getting ready, walking barefoot out to their awaiting friends and family for a Mayan ceremony.

Photos: Sosa Scherer, FineArt Studo Photography
Source: 4realequalityweddings

Scott + Steve: Waited 26 Years to Marry
Initially, Scott and Steve were married in a hospital room because Scott was so ill. When he recovered, the couple had a small ceremony. Having a wedding means everything to a couple who has had to wait so long for a legally-recognized marriage. They had a beautiful ceremony in their own home.

Photos: Rolick Meyers, Art + Life Photography
Source: 4realequalityweddings

Daryl + Mark: In a Church, on a Boat, in the Marina
Fully embracing the nautical theme that runs through their lives and their decade together, Daryl and Mark got married in a church, hopped a boat to their reception, and danced the night away. They also had bagpipes and men in kilts, for extra fun.

Photos: Banke Hussey, Kandid Weddings Photography
Source: 4realequalityweddings

Katie + Heather: DIY With a Shout Out to Mexico and Austin
These brides chose Mercury Hall in Austin, TX for their venue. They created enchantment with handcrafted fête, inspired by Mexico. The result was a light and airy environment for the couple and their guests. The. Best.

Photos: The Nichols, Green Wedding Shoes
Source: Pop Sugar