The Coolest New Tech In 2018


The world of tech is always evolving, and each new year comes with all sorts of innovations and breakthroughs from some of the coolest and most prestigious companies in the world. This year is no different, and more information is starting to come out about some of the coolest releasing in 2018. All of this  new technology is set to be released to consumers sometime this year, and the general excitement is already making waves online.

Out of all of these cool new tech gadgets, which of these releases is building the most hype? The biggest names in tech are looking to dazzle consumers with the latest revolutionary technologies, but there are also some lesser known companies who are showcasing their newest products in order to make a name for themselves. It’s up to the to decide what new technologies are going to take 2018 by storm and which ones will ultimately be forgotten.

This Reverse Microwave Can Quick-Freeze Food And Drinks

Microwaves were a revolution in convenience for people looking to heat up their food in a hurry, but what about when you need something frozen quickly? There hasn’t really been an answer to that question until now. In comes Frigondas, the most home kitchen to be released in decades. It can cool and freeze food and drinks in mere minutes, and it even doubles as a traditional microwave.

While there is no set release date, it is believed that the device will be available in the US in the near future.

The RED Smartphone Provides A Holographic Screen, Allowing You To View Videos From Multiple Angles

In 2017, the cinema camera making company RED announced it was working a smartphone with a “holographic screen.” Consumers were unsure what this meant until September 2017. Essentially, the phone would provide a 3D viewing experience on screen, projecting things like buildings and landscapes in an interactive map. A user could essentially take a virtual tour via the phone screen, looking around, above, behind, or in-between various objects.

The RED smart phone is currently available for pre-order, for the fairly hefty price tag of $1,195. No official release date has been announced, but the company says users can expect to see the product sometime in early 2018.

Smart Glasses Are Now Sleek, Stylish, And Easy To Wear Discreetly

Smart glasses are far from a new invention. The glasses, which project information onto your retina as you go about your day, once came with clunky equipment attached. Cameras, extra appendages, and microphones made the glasses a bit of an eyesore that easily led to unwanted attention directed at their wearers. Intel’s new Vaunt glasses, however, offer a streamline design that’s vastly more user friendly.

The glasses look exactly like regular eyeglasses and are available in various prescription lenses. This means users can enjoy the benefits of the glasses throughout the day without attracting unwanted stares or having to deal with uncomfortable equipment.

A Wristband That Can Tell You If You’re Too Drunk To Drive

No one should ever drive drunk, but it can be difficult to monitor your blood alcohol content levels without taking a breathalyzer test. While there are some small breathalyzers ar on the market, they can be clumsy and awkward to use in public. Proof is a unique and elegant solution to this problem, as it’s a wearable wristband that can discretely analyze you BAC levels through your skin.

The makers of Proof managed to earn nearly twice what they were asking for after launching a successful crowdfunding campaign. The wristband is set to begin shipping at full production capacity in late 2017.

Amazon Go Stores Provide Consumers With Check Out Free Shopping For The First Time


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On January 22, 2018, Amazon opened their first Amazon Go store in Seattle, Washington. The store – which one shopper called the “future of grocery shopping” – is equipped with censors and cameras that track which items customers take or put back. This, and the help of a special Amazon Go app, automatically charges customers after they exit the store.

This eliminates the need for lines, making shopping a much quicker experience.

Nutale Is A Tiny GPS Tracker Will Keep You From Losing Your Most Precious Belongings

The Nutale GPS device is billed as one of the most compact and accurate trackers in the world. Originally slated for a 2017 release, an unexpected delay means the Nutale GPS is now likely to be released in the first quarter of 2018. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS and works in conjunction with your phone to give you real-time tracking updates.

With a 30 day battery life and a memory that goes back up to four weeks, it’s unlikely that you’ll be losing this device anytime soon.

Kuri Is A Robotic Home Assistant That’s Much Cuter Than Alexa

Last year saw an explosion of popularity for smart speakers that function as stay-at-home personal assistants. While it seems like very major tech company is pushing the capabilities of these devices even further, only one company is developing a smart assistant that is as adorable as it is useful. This is Kuri, a tiny robot that has all the function of Amazon’s Alexa while having the added benefit of being fully mobile.

Kuri rolls around on wheels and can adapt to the floor plan of your house. Her eyes function as cameras that can take both still photos and videos, and a built in speaker means your tunes can travel with you around the apartment.

A New Apple iPad Brings Affordable Technology To Schools And Is Cheaper For Adults

I dissected a frog today #AppleEvent

— Sam Murphy Kelly (@HeySamantha) March 27, 2018On March 27, 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company was creating an iPad specifically designed for educational purposes. The device has extra storage for school projects, a 40% faster processing system, and is also compatible with Apple Pencil. The iPad has a multiple of uses in public school settings, including simulated dissections. This means students can dissect frogs and other animals via their screens, which could save schools considerable money. Schools also receive a $100 discount if they order the product for classroom use.

However, the device was not solely created for school systems. Adults can also purchase the iPad via the Apple store. Apple representatives emphasized that the new iPad could be a great way for adults to manage their workload and become more productive.

eBay’s HeadGaze Lets You Control Apps By Moving Your Head

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Turns out eBay isn’t just for finding rare collector items. An intern at the e-commerce site developed HeadGaze, a piece of technology that allows users to navigate their apps on the iPhone X. Muratcan Cicek, PhD. Candidate at the University of California, originally invented it so shoppers could peruse eBay more easily, but the code can be applied to other apps as well.

“As someone with extensive motor impairments, I do not have full control of my limbs,” Cicek told BGR. “Consequently, I am unable to walk or grab anything with my hands. These limitations hinder my ability to perform everyday tasks, like going to the grocery store and shopping independently – even though I have my own income.”

The tech uses Apple’s ARKit and the iPhone X’s TrueDepth 3D camera to track the user’s head motion. With a quick tilt of the head, people are able to move a ‘cursor’ on the screen and swipe, open apps, and tap on icons.

Apple’s Homepod Aims To Revolutionize Smart Speakers

The Homepod is Apple’s latest attempt at changing the way we listen to music forever. These voice controlled smart speakers are the first to be fully integrated with Siri and Apple Music. The speaker hardware itself is cutting edge and uses special sensors to visualize the room it’s in and adapt it’s settings to emit the best acoustic experience possible.

In addition to being a music station, the Homepod is also designed to be an artificial assistant that can answer questions, make schedules, and control other devices in your house.

The Samsung Odyssey Z Laptop Is Specifically Designed For Gaming

Set to be released sometime in 2018, the Samsung Odyssey Z laptop is specifically designed to be video game friendly. The 15.6 inch screen laptop has a special fan and cooling system to prevent it from overheating during game play. It also has a back lit keyboard that helps illuminate keys, as well as extra USB ports that allow users to hook up extra controllers and other gaming equipment.

The one downside is that the battery will likely not last long during game play, but the laptop comes with a cord and adapter.

Roku Introduces Wireless Speakers Just For TV

Roku announced in July 2018 they were rolling out Roku wireless speakers in October. This new product was in response to reduced sound quality on television sets, the result of thinner, flatter screens. The Roku speakers provide higher quality sound overall and also have some voice control options. By pushing a button on a remote, users can verbally request certain shows, songs, and movies.

The new speakers cost around $200, although pre-orders are offered at a reduced rate of $150.

The Plume Flow Is A Portable Pollution Monitor

For people living in big cities, smog and pollution are still a regular problem. Many people are concerned about pollution levels in their communities, and one new device is aiming to warn people when they are in an area with low air quality. This portable device is known as Flow, and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Powerful sensors monitor air quality, and Flow will let you know in an instant.

Working in conjunction with your smart phone, Flow can show you what routes have the freshest air and which you should avoid.  The device is set to ship sometime before June 2018.

Nintendo Labo Lets Kids Create Their Own 3D Creations Using Video Game Software

Meant to be used alongside Nintendo Switch system, Nintendo Labo comes equipped with modular sheets of cardboard. Kids are able to fold the cardboard into a variety of shapes, such as a piano or handlebars for a motorbike. Called “Toy-Cons,” these constructions can be used with your game system to play interactive video games.

For example, with the keyboard, you can play a piano on your screen. With the handle bars, you can navigate your own digital bike.

The R-9 Smart Glasses Are Making AR Sexy

The R-9 Smartglasses is a VR experience for the image conscious. It swaps out the bulky design of many VR headsets for a slick, smooth design that looks more like a pair of sunglasses than an Oculus headset. The glasses are perfect for AR as well as VR applications, and the visuals are among the highest quality on the market.

The downside is the price tag. The preorder cost is a steep $1,999, far more expensive than the Oculus Go.

Hopes The New Oculus Go Will Take VR Into The Mainstream

Facebook is an absolute titan in the world of , but they are looking to expand their grasp in the world of VR. They’re latest iteration of the Oculus VR system is known as the Oculus Go, and it is aiming to bring VR into every home in America. The $199 price tag is relative cheap for a high end VR display, which is one of the biggest selling points.

The headset is set to be released in early 2018, and you can already sign up for a preorder on the official website.

The New Kindle Paperwhite Is Waterproof

Avid Kindle users don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping their device in the bathtub anymore. Starting November 7, Amazon is shipping out the new 2018 Paperwhite, which includes a 300-pixels-per-inch display, a 10% brighter backlight, and a waterproof body.

Amazon is also updating its operating system, adding features like five profiles-per-device and audio book and Kindle-syncing, so readers can go between text and audio. The highest-tier Kindle is priced at $249.99 and comes with 32 gigabytes of storage and is available for preorder.

In September 2018, Amazon unveiled a host of new Alexa-controlled apps and appliances, and the funnest one may be the AmazonBasics Microwave. With a voice command, users can ask Alexa to cook a variety of things, and the microwave will know exactly how long to cook it for. The microwave features an Alexa button that allows users to control the device through the Echo, and you can tell Alexa to add cooking time or pause.

Out of popcorn? The microwave also features Dash integration, which allows you to order products directly from Amazon.

Amazon also introduced a new Alexa wall clock, updated Echo Dot and Echo Plus, and Echo Auto, which allows users to bring Alexa on the road.

Android P’s Shortcuts Offers Major Innovations On The Personal Assistant Feature

’s Android P, set to debut in August 2018, offers a new app called Shortcuts meant to make the personal assistant features on their phone easier to use. Shortcuts actually allows users to create a profile, customizing the type of assistance they want. Instead of generic suggestions and help, Shortcuts adapts to a user’s routine. You can actually create custom commands for your phone to follow.

For example, you can train your phone to respond to a phrase like, “On my way!” by texting specific people that you’re leaving and even automatically playing a specific playlist or radio station you like to hear on your commute.