21 Guys Who Destroyed Their Cars Doing Stupid Things

Even getting a scratch on your car can often ruin your day, and minor accidents can cost you an arm and a leg. For these people, being careless got them more than a scratch – their cars are toast. Most of them made stupid mistakes, whether it was an attempt at parkour, a parking disaster, drunk driving, or literally driving on thin ice. Prepare to not know whether to laugh or cringe as you watch these idiots destroy their modes of transportation.
Watch Me Get Out of the Car Mid-Carwash

Watch Me Take a Shortcut

Watch Me Remove This Stump

Watch Me Drive My Car in for Repairs

Watch Me Tow This Car

Watch Me Arrive on The Scene

Watch Me Turn Left at the Light

Watch Me Get Out of My Car to Save This Other Car

Watch Me Move A Car with These Wooden Beams

Watch Me Show Off

Watch Me Pull Down This Tree

Watch Me Go Around This Motorcycle

Watch Me Pass This Cop Car

Watch Me Avoid This Barrier

Watch Me Change Lanes

Watch Me Pull This Car Out of the Ice

Watch Me Drive in This Pool

Watch Me Lift This Car with A Crane

Watch Me Do a Handstand

Watch Me Go Through This Toll Road at the Same Time As This Guy