25 Incredible GIFs of How Things Work

 How DOES a sewing machine work? What goes on inside the Big Bird suit? How quickly does blood go around your body, and when it does get to the heart, how does that work? These gifs are perfect for procrastinating or for learning some extra knowledge to impress your friends. 

How Dogs' Tongues Work

How Locks Work

How Lady Bugs’ Wings Work

How the Panama Canal Works

How Sewing Machines Work

How Getting a Cruise Ship in the Water Works

How Coin Sorting Works

How Crocodiles Leaping out of the Water Works

How Dandelions Work


How Converting a Stadium from NBA to NHL Works

How Propeller Engines Work

How Ants’ Legs Work

How Welding Metal with Friction Works

How Grenades Work

How Drinking Liquids Works

How the Big Bird Suit Works

How Braces Work

How a Particle in a Wave Works

How Shooting a Gun Works

How Bean Sprouts Work

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How a Root Canal Operation Works

How Your Heart Works

How Cell Mitosis Works

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

How the First Five Planets’ Orbits Work

How Apple Picking Works