30 Jokes Only Gamers Will Understand

Gamer jokes, as a concept, sound lame as hell, but one of the main things you have to remember is that although all of us enjoy video games, there are certain video game jokes that are reserved for people who put up with the absolute bullsh*t of video game logic every single day. Or at least multiple times per week. Why? WHY can’t Ash Ketchum go around a bush, but can eventually control literally effing DRAGONS? Or why, if you have explosives of the highest grades, can you not just blow through a door?
Why are windows off-limits? If I had everything Master Chief has, I’d never use the confines of a wall again. Also, why is his suit built to have him withstand tens of thousands of pounds of pressure, but he can’t swim? The answer is obviously video game logic. You can make any video game jokes you want around normal people, but only gamers will understand everything on this list (which, yes, sounds lame and yes, is a dumb thing to say, BUT, unless you spend way too much time playing video games a lot of this stuff won’t make sense to you.)
What dumb video game creator said, oh hey, in video games, if any part of your body gets hurt, you’re going to essentially CRY BLOOD? From the funniest video game memes, to the best video jokes the Internet has to offer, here are 101 things that will make you think twice about the immersive world of video games you’ve come to know and love. 

That Hunger Can Save Your life

No, You Can’t Climb Over! It’s Too Dangerous!

They’re Very Important Bullets

GTA Logic

Female Video Game Armor

Video Game Limits Are Dumb

Amphibians in the Wild

Italian Blood Runs Runs with Money

Horses and Water Just Don’t Mix

Wars Would Be So Much Easier…

Fashion Is An Important Part Of Vampire Unlife

Backflips Are Like Walking

The Loot Fairy Says Yes

The Posters in Black


They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

Dumbest Video Game Characters

NPC’s are dumb sometimes…

The Great Wall

No Judgment

Magic Ice

Subcontractors, Am I Right?

Vorpal Hedge Trimmer +5

Assassin’s Creed Logic


When the Dumbest Walls Are Made

How Video Game Women Work (For Now)

Wood Trumps Everything