20 Photos That People With Perpetually Bad Luck Can Relate To

Some believe they’re cursed with bad luck while others believe you make your own luck. Both have a valid point, but the reality is that luck, whether good or bad, is usually the result of nothing in particular. Good things happen and bad things happen. When bad things happen, people want to point the finger elsewhere, and when good things happen, it’s because folks think they did something awesome. After looking at these photos, you’ll be extremely thankful you aren’t one of these people with extremely bad luck. And according to the laws of the , if you look at all of the , you’re going to have good luck for the next week. You’re welcome.

First World Problems

Prison Breaks

Taking the Plunge

Painting a

Split Decision

Ask and You Shall Receive

Screw You, Day… I’m Going Home

The Definition of Bad Luck

Tough Break

The Wheels Have Officially Come Off

Get Rich and Die Trying

Getting a Leg Up on the Competition

A Stroke of Bad Luck

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Things Could Always Be Worse

Having a Ball

Making a Big Splash

Sink or Swim

Urine Trouble

Congratulations! It’s a Wife!