34 People Who Need Their Licenses Revoked Right Now!

Some people just don’t have what it takes to drive a car. Or a boat, or a truck, or even a bike, for that matter. Check out this gallery of the ultimate driving fails, including but not limited to: terrible driving, gravity defying cars, tight situations, and people who don’t know how to transport goods. You can feel safe laughing at these photos because you aren’t the one who has to share a road with these crazies.
Sure, you hate riding in the car with your mom. But she’s got nothin’ on these crazy drivers. The and absurd epic driving fails pictured here will prove her right next time she tries to convince you that she’s really not that bad of a driver. Maybe these drivers skipped out on driver’s ed, or paid off the DMV instead of taking the driving test, but in any case, they should certainly be off the road.
You’d never get your car tangled up in power lines, right? Right. How would you even get it up that high? Someone on this list figured out how! Good for that guy! Great work! Vote up the most insane driving fails below and be glad these idiots don’t live anywhere near you.        

This Guy, Who Thinks Any Truck Can Be a Tow Truck If You Wish Hard Enough

This Impressively Terrible Stunt Driver

This Guy Who Was Most Definitely Fired from His Job

This Guy, Who Is Inexplicably Trying to Balance a Car on a Bike


This Guy, Who Probably Stopped Driving After This Was Taken Anyways

This Frankly Impressive Failure of a Driver

This Transformer Here to Save Us from Evil

These Two Dudes About to Kill Their Dogs or Something

This Guy, Who Just Took His First Trip to Costco

These Drivers, Who Need to Learn to Give Someone Else the Right of Way

This. . . What Is Even Happening Here?!

These Guys, Who Figured Out the Perfect Plan

This Guy, Who Treats His Real Real Trucks Like LEGOs

This Lady, Who Looks Too Proud for Someone Who Just Ruined a Car and Potentially a Boat

This Idiot

This BMW Owner Who Couldn’t Pony Up for IKEA Delivery

This Lincoln with Monster-Truck Envy

‘Hey Guys, Wait For Me!”

This Tractor Home Delivery Service

How Will This End?

This Guy, Who’s Probably Wondering If He Needs to Up His Home Insurance or Auto Insurance First

This Officer, Who Also Needs to Turn in His Badge

This Dukes of Hazzard Fan Who Didn’t Make the Bridge Jump

This Guy, Who Wanted to Test the Strength of His Semi

Seriously, HOW?

This Daughter, Who Is Grounded for Life

This Guy, Who Made His Friend Sit in the Back and Hold on to His Tree

This Discount Steed for Cinderella’s Buggy

This Guy, Who Made His Wife Hold On to the Cow

This Guy, Truly Testing the Limits of His Poor Truck

That’s One Way to Move a House

Someone Seriously Failed to Assess the Strength of That Bridge

Severe Tire Damage! Do Not Back Up! Or Move Forward!