The Funniest Traffic Jam Photos Ever

If you’re reading this while you’re stuck in traffic, put your phone down. You should be paying attention to the road. It’s people looking at their phones while driving that cause traffic jams or much, much worse. If you’re not behind the wheel, it’s safe to experience these funny pictures of funny traffic jams. These photos will bring back all of those painful traffic jam memories and make you wonder why flying cars haven’t been invented yet. Marty? Doc? Are you listening? And if there were flying cars would their still be traffic jams? Probably. Traffic jams are seemingly unavoidable so it’s best to just laugh at them every once in awhile.

Sorry I'm Late Everybody, There Was a Giant Inflatable Minion in the Middle of the Road

Traffic Was a Real Bear Today

What the Duck!

Absolutely Quackers Traffic Jam

Counting Sheep

Out of Africa

Just a Quick FYI

Trunk Life

The Moose is Loose!

Meanwhile, in Okinawa…

Keep Calm and Drive On

The Rules of Traffic

The Truth About Traffic

What’s Traffic?

What Traffic?

Road Construction Logic

Walmart Traffic Jam

Run for It, Marty!

First World Dubai Problems

Pokemon Go Traffic Jam

Son of Traffic Anarchy