51 Best / Worst Selfies at Funerals

A new trend has taken Instagram and Tumblr by storm as more and more people are taking funeral selfies, and using way too many hashtags. Of all the occasions to commemorate with a selfie, it would seem funerals aren’t exactly the most appropriate. But these selfie lovers don’t seem to mind. In many occasions, their dearly departed is even in the photo with them!

Many have criticized the iPhone generation for their fickle vanity and shallow values, while others have told them to embrace this passion for life. Whatever the case may be, we found the best of these questionable selfies on Tumblr and have assembled them here for you to decide which are the best, and which are the worst.


'Dats Ma Gramma Yo'


There Are No Words

She’s Probably Rolling in Her Coffin

Of to a Funeral

Family Photo

She’s Ready!

Did He Suffer from a Case of Chronic Vanity As Well?


Hiding His Shame Behind His Shades

Because One Wasn’t Enough

BFF 4 L- Oh Yeah

It’s the Little Things in Life…

Peace Out On the Way Out, Am I Right?

Pop That Knee With Attitude!


Very Sad Day #beautiful #cute #dead

Bit of Advice, Don’t Wear Make Up to a Funeral.

Classic Bling at a Funeral

Worst Birthday Ever (but Pizza!)


Stay Classy…

Those Hands Should Be Praying

Did He Not Read the Dress Code for Black?


Maybe he just thought you were ugly?

Is That Supposed to Be the Kiss of Life?

I Hope She Didn’t Wear That Shirt!

Putting the Swag in Funeral

#Sad Day?

Is That Even the Same Girl?


She Looks Devastated

Funeral Aside, This Is An Awful Selfie

Even the Dog Looks Embarrassed

My Babes Friends Funeral?

Pout for Granny!

Just Another Funeral Selfie

Blasting the Guns

Oh Choco


Train and a Funeral? at Least It’s Pay Day!

That Dress Is So Different from All the Other Black Dresses

Oh My God Is This DURING the Funeral?

The Funeral Got in the Way of Her Fabulous

How Selfish of Him!

Blah Wah

Outfit of the Day Guysies!

Mourning Their Appetite (and Dead Relative but Whatevs)

Duckface at a Funeral

That’s Hot?

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