25 Tattoos That Make Hilarious Jokes

Here you’ll find some of the funniest and most clever joke tattoos on the Internet via this collection of funny tattoo ideas that the folks you’ll meet below pimp on a daily basis. You’ll see everything from tattoos that cleverly incorporate various body parts of their owners to tatts that are as funny and as they are clever. From the huge to the barely noticeable, this list of witty tatts spans a wide variety of shapes and even styles of humor.

So whether you’re considering getting your own joke tattoo or just want to enjoy the efforts of people who did, come on in and get ready to grin!

Making the Best of Things

Sh*t Just Got Real

One More Mystery Down

So Much Cooler Than a Toupee

Best Wave Ever

Imagine His Embarrassment When He Needs to Borrow a Pen

Say Cheese

Tattoo Buddha Gets a Kick Out of This One Every Time

Coolest Conversation Opener Ever

Probably Even Funnier when He’s Holding Pens at the Office

You Know this Guy’s Always at the Archery Range Like “Daaah! What’d You Do?!”

6 Pack= Nailing It

Not Included: Dog to Make the Joke Work

That’ll Come in Handy During the Next Hospital Visit

Vestigial Tail

You Know This Guy Lives to Say “Let’s See…”

Does the Bible Verse that Forbids Tattoos Count if it is One?

When a Witty T-Shirt Just Won’t Do


“I Mustache You a Question, but I’ll Shave It for Later.”

Dangerous Methane Emissions

Sound It Out…

Mmmm… McNuggets

She’s Always Prepared for Halloween