The Most Mindblowing 3D Tattoos of All Time

Although 3D technology used to be considered a novelty, these days you can see almost any film that hits your local movie theater in three dimensions for only a few extra bucks. While the whole 3D fad may sound like old news, however, we assure you that there are a few forms in which the use of 3D technology is still pretty impressive. While you might not think much of being offered the chance to see a 3D movie, or a 3D piece of artwork, these 3D are pretty awesome to behold.  

A parlor might not be the first place you’d expect to see a bunch of 3D artwork, but there are tons of great 3D tattooists out there. We’ve put together a collection of killer 3-D that’ll knock your socks off. These 3D tats are not only impressive because of their realism and intricacy, but also because the artist was able to create the illusion that the is coming to life – without the need for 3D glasses.  Check out the wide range of pieces that these tattoo artists have been able to work their 3D magic into. An extra dimension can transform a normal butterfly into an impressively realistic piece of inked . Adding a three-dimensional look to a tattoo can also add a surprisingly gruesome edge to pieces that look like they’re bursting right through the client’s skin. Whether your aesthetic falls more in line with the whimsical, or leans a bit more on the side of bold, dramatic, hardcore tattoo design, we guarantee that there’s something for everyone in this awesome collection of 3D tattoos. 

This 3D Cut-Out Leg Design

This Butterfly Looks Like It Could Really Fly Away

This Intricate Homage to the Mayan Empire

This Guy Wears His Values on His Sleeve

This Trippy Optical Illusion

This Antique Map Was Found Underneath the Skin of His Shoulder

This Human Is Clearly a Robot in Disguise

This Nerve-Wracking Back Piece

This Corset Back Tattoo Is So Lifelike, It’s Actually a Little Creepy

This Bashful Butterfly Just Landed There, Obviously

Bluer Skies Lie Beneath Her Skin

We Found the Missing Piece of the Puzzle!

This Radical Rabbit Hole Ink Will Suck You into a Vortex

This Steampunk Back Tattoo Is the Perfect Combination of Sci-Fi and Mechanics

A Secret Identity Slip-Up

This Creepy White-Ink Tattoo Is Extra Terrifying

He’ll Never Have to Search for His Lost Pen Again

This Zip-Up Sleeve Is Just Too Realistic

A Bear Seems to Have Left Quite an Impression on His Leg

His Arm Looks Like It Could Actually Inject You with Venom

A Guitar That You Can Carry With You, Wherever You Go

This Realistic-Looking Transformer Skeleton

This 3D Compass

This Realistic Button-Up Bust Tat

This Guy Knows How Hard-Headed He Can Be

The Third Eye Is Always Watching …

Give the Appearance That You’re Breastfeeding Long After Your Kids Have Grown Up

This Lifelike Lizard

A Photographer Should Always Be Camera Ready, Right?

This Creepy Kid Is Giving You Nightmares Already

This 3D Shoulder Tat Really Nailed It!

This Badass Brick Back Piece

This Sneaky Snake

This Nightmare-Inducing Metal-Lined Skull

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