29 Kids Who Accidentally Texted Their Parents Very Embarrassing Messages

Tht next time you think you’re having the worst day ever, come on in and check out this group of texting their on accident. It’ll give you automatic reassurance that things could always be worse. That’s right, no matter what challenges your day may have held, these accidentally sent to  are here to make them look like a birthday party in comparison. So the next time your boss chews you out or you fail that huge midterm, simply get a load of the list below and prepare to find a much needed boost in the fact that at least you didn’t accidentally text your dad a penis emoji.

Below you’ll meet a group of mortified individuals who accidentally texted their everything from love notes meant for significant others to confessions about what they were really doing last night. While some manage to come up with a wily way to talk their way out of the situation or even find their surprisingly understanding, unfortunately not all of them are so lucky.

Prepare yourself to laugh, cry, cringe, and beyond as you check out the worst instances of accidentally texting their parents in texting history!

 That Awkward Moment When Dad Deciphers Your Code

Fool Mom Once. . .

When “Oops” Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It

Only Thing Worse Than Texting Your Mom = Texting Your Girlfriend’s

Well Played, Mom. Well Played.

When Copy and Paste Goes Terribly Wrong


Freud Would Have a Ball with This One

How to Make Sure Your Son Never Enjoys Twerking Again

Is It Too Late to Blame Autocorrect?

Cue Years Of Therapy For Mom In 3, 2, 1. . .

Why Communication Between Parents Is Vital

Well That Went Better Than Expected. . .

That Escalated Quickly

What Has Been Sent Can Never Be Unsent

As Long as Dad’s Accidentally in on the Conversation Anyway. . .

How You Know Your Dad’s Always Got Your Back

When You Accidentally Text Your Mom Instead of Your Boyfriend

This Mom’s Pickin’ Up What Her Kid’s Accidentally Puttin’ Down

This Will Be an Interesting One to Explain Away. . .

Sometimes It’s Better to Not Even Ask

The Dangers of Using Voice to Text

Really Long Talk In 3, 2, 1. . .

That Awkward Moment When You Forget Mom’s in on a Group Text

Well in That Case. . .

Last Minute Save: Winning

This Bizarrely Intellectual Misunderstanding

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