30+ Wonderful Texts That Only Your Dad Would Send

Ever notice how the older you get, the cooler your seems to become? Despite how many times our dads embarrassed us or how uncool they seemed when we were in high , it’s only as we become adults ourselves that we realize just how awesome our dads really are. As we stop worrying about what other think of us, we realize that our “lame” fathers were aware of how ridiculous our quest to be “” really was. That’s why we decided to put together this collection of wonderful texts that only your dad would send. We figured, why waste these texts from dads on their humiliated children when we have the power to share their brilliance with the world?

This Dad’s Efforts to Relate Go Horribly Wrong

This Dad Finds Out His Daughter Is in Fact Straight

This Dad Has the Most Epic Response to Auto Correct Ever

This Dad Gives Epic Dad Advice

This Dad Claims He Thought Asshole Was a Term of Endearment

This Dad Tames His Wit for No Man

Dad Down!

This Dad Accidentally Reveals His Green Side

This Dad Learns the Importance of Destroying Evidence

The Auto Correct That Just Keeps on Giving

This Dad Learns the Horrors of Auto Correct First Hand

This Dad Is Every Nerd’s Dream Parent

This Daughter Becomes the Victim of Friendly Mis-Fire

This Dad Has the Best Wife Ever!

This Dad Is the Best Bad Influence Ever

This Dad Explores the Joys of TMI

This Dad May or May Not Be in a Meeting

This Dad Tries a Clever Dodge

This Dad Never Passes Up the Chance to Reminisce

This Dad May Not Have Thought This One All the Way Through

This Dad Knows Two Can Play at Name Calling Games

This Dad Learns That Ignorance Is Bliss

This Dad Is Clever. Very Clever.

This Dad’s New Camera Phone Just Gave His Puns New Wings


This Dad Is Ready to Get This Party Started

This Dad Is Still Learning the Intricacies of Slang

This Dad’s Mind Is a Bit One-Track

This Dad Is Better Late Than Never

This Dad Gets Gangsta When It Comes to the Thrift Shops

This Dad Is Ridin’ Dirty…Kind Of