33 Social Media Posts That 100% Happened and Aren’t Fake At All

Ever seen those posts where someone claims to have been in a Starbucks at just the right moment to witness a feminist whale rights activist shut down a gay-bashing extremist super-villain with a perfect quip? Yeah. We all have. That’s why there’s the that happened subreddit, a reddit thread dedicated to tales that, while admittedly impressive, contain hints that’s they’re completely made up. This is a collection of those not-so-true stories that are clogging up your feed right now probably.

Luckily My Personal Screenwriter Was There to Take Down the Encounter

Totally See It

Initiate Chills in 3… 2… 1…

Not Nearly Enough to Make You Speak in All Caps

“Once I Publicly Confessed to Murder but I Used an Emoji So It’s All Good”

What Chick Doesn’t Dig a Guy Who Plays With the Toys She Did When She was 8?

And… Scene!

“I Mean, Not Before I Set Up My Tripod and Adjust Lighting, but Still…”

That Awkward Moment When Your Kid Sneaks a Few Huge Electronics in With the Groceries

Thoughts to Keep You Busy for Hours When You’re High

They See Jane Austen Rollin’. They Hatin’.

No One’s More Known for Their Customer Care than Pizza Hut

It’s Always the Quiet Ones

And Then He Died for the Sins of the World…

Anybody Got a Boomerang We Can Borrow?

And You Thought That Look of Horror on Your Infant’s Face was Just Gas

See, He’d Been Under a Rock for a Decade…

This One’s So Worth the Pun

In Other News, Archaeologists Just Unearthed a VCR at an Ancient Burial Site

A Flesh Wound!

It’s Not Really Him!

Writing “True Story” in All Caps is as Verified as It Gets

You Know There’s No Way He Came Up With That Gem Alone

Then He Asked If I Could Pass Him the Stocks Section of the Journal

Fox Falls from Favor Among the 9-10 Year Old Women’s Right’s Demographic

Baby’s First Selfie

Those Crazy Starbucks Baristas and Their Antics

… Until I Handed Her That Mountain Dew With “Syke!” Printed on the Label

And That’s When You *Stopped* Seeking Out Mental Health Specialists?


Lady Cop: *Whistles for Horse and Rides off into Sunset With Villains in Tow*

100% Verified

Will Yell Obscenities for Food

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