25 Hilarious Group Text Disasters

Here you’ll find some of the most embarrassing, disastrous, and all around group texts ever accidentally sent out. You’ll watch in horror as you see dirty messages to friends accidentally intercepted by church groups. You’ll laugh along with women who realize the creepy guy texting them sent out the same message to a multitude of other women via group chat.

Most of all, however, you’ll thank God you’re not the poor sap responsible for any of these epic group text disasters. Vote up the most unfortunate accidental group texts of all time, and be happy they didn’t happen to you.

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When Your Group Chat Turns Into an Accidental Dating Site

When You Accidentally Text the Wrong Group

The Worst Group Text Fail in the History of Group Text

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Tell Us How You Really Feel

Most Unfortunate Boss-Inclusive Group Text Ever

Group Texting = The Death of Surprise Parties Everywhere

Why Shouldn’t Even Have a Group Text Option on Their Phone

When You Accidentally Show Your Family Way Too Much Christmas Spirit

When the Accidental Group Text Ends Up Paying Off

When You Accidentally Include Your Bro and His Mom in a Private Text

When Your Mom Learns to Group Chat

When You Accidentally Announce Your Sexual Ambitions to the Whole Family

There Are Worse Ways to Make a New Friend

When You Accidentally Include Your Boys in Your Group Text to Bae

Accidentally Including the Group in Your Private Goodnight Moment


Barbara Can’t Even with This Group Texter’s Phone Fails

When You’re Not Sure Whether to Be Annoyed or Impressed

Why Drunk-You Should Avoid Making Group Text Announcements

When Dad Decides It’s Time for a Virtual Family Reunion

When You Group Text Your “People Who Hate Group Texts” Group

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